Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.
  1. When you ___ (a. turn/turns) left from the next crossing, you ___ (b. will find/will finds) an old man ___ (c. sell/selling) fruits. Just ___ (d. ask/asks/asking) him if he ___ (e. know/knows) Tom. He ___ (f. know/knows) Tom but he never ___ (g. admit/admits) that he ___ (h. know/knows) him.
  2. I am at the zoo at present. I ___ (like/likes) a zoo because I ___ (love/loves) animals and birds. My brother Binoo ___ (do not/does not) like animals. Nor ___ (do/does) he like birds. In our childhood he had a lot of love for animals but now he ___ (don’t/doesn’t)  like them at all.
  3. Ravi ____ (1. ask) me last Sunday if Gods really ____ (2. exist) or not. As I had never ____ (3. expect) such a question from him, I ____ (4. tell) him that ____ (5. search) God is less important than ____ (6. love) Him.
  4. I ___ (work) as an English tutor in Delhi between 2001 and 2014 when a number of unbelievable incidents ___ (happen) in my life. One evening, October 22, I ___ (come) out of the residence of Rajmohan Shetty, an ex-minister of Delhi Government when a man ___ (greet) me with a very innocent smile. I ___ (see) that he was ___ (will) to talk to me. He ___ (come) to the topic. He ___ (be) Mr. Jha, a businessman from South Delhi and ___ (want) me to get a photograph of the ex-minister’s library room. I ___ (grow) panicky and refused any sort of help
  5. She ____ (1. live) in this village for three or four years when suddenly she ____ (2. disappear) one day. No one ____ (3. know) what ____ (4. happen) to her or where she ____ (5. go). All I ____ (6. know) about her was that she was a good woman, ready to help anyone in need, even though she ____ (7. be) in her sixties. We ____ (8. lodge) a written complaint in the nearest police station, ____ (9. seek) the police help to find her but we could not.
  6. Golu, a boy of 12, is my neighbor and student. When I first ___ ( him three years ago, he ___ ( in a park with a few friends of him. Because his mother ___ (3.ask) me to teach him, I ___ (4. take) a closer look at him. He ___ (5. look) healthy but not lively. When he ___ (6. field) the wickets, he had a very funny expression and when he ___ (7. miss) a catch he ___ (8. roar) like a tiger. I suddenly ___ (9. know) that I was going to have a tough time with this boy.
  7. Here is the story of another student whom I ___ (1. teach) for a year and a half. He was not a very difficult stuff but his mom ___ (2. be). She was the most weird person I ever __ (3. meet) and would not like to ___ (4. meet) again. On the first day, she “very well” ___ (5. tell) me that she expected me to teach her ward English grammar as she ___ (6. think) that grammar ___ (7. Be) most important for English. After a week, when I ___ (8. inform) her that the student ___ (9. H+take) much interest in grammar, she ___ (10. ask) me why I ___ (11. waste) much time on grammar as she believed that her child’s grammar had always been wonderful! What a mother!
  8. Have you ever ___ (1. dream) of Heaven? I am not ___ (2. talk) about that heaven which your grandma ___ (3. tell) you when you were a kid. I ___ (4. talk) about a real galaxy of planets and stars to where a lot of time ago ___ (5. migrate) men and women of the earth.
  9. Three men and their servant were walking through a forest. All the three ____ (1. boast) about their skills. On the way they ____ (2. see) the skeleton of a lion. One of them ____ (3. suggest) of ____ (4. bring) the lion back to life. He ____ (5. tell) that he ____ (6. is/was) able to assemble the lion’s broken bones into a perfect skeleton. Very carefully he ____ (7. assemble) the bones and ____ (8. make) the lion stand up. When this was ____ (9. do), the second man said that he ____ (10. can/could) give the skeleton flesh and blood. In no time he ____ (11. give) the lion flesh and blood. Now the lion ____ (12. look) like a real lion. At this, the third man ____ (13. brag) that he was able to ____ (14. breath/breathe) life through the lion. Others ____ (15. laugh) at him saying that no one ____ (16. was/is) able to give life. When the third man ____ (17. approach) the lion to give it life, the servant climbed a tree, ____ (18. plead) to the third man no to give the lion life. The two men _____ (19. laugh) at their servant while the third one ____ (20. restore) the lion to life.
  10. He is a great man, everyone ____ (1. say) I don’t know why people ____ (2. consider) him so. He ____ (3. wake up) at two in the morning and ____ (4. go) for jogging. In half an hour he ____ (5. return) and ____ (6. take) an elaborate bath for another half an hour. I don’t think he eats anything in the morning. The next thing that ____ (7. catch) my eyes is him ____ (8. come) out combing his long hair.
  11. We were altogether three boys and two dogs but still we ___ (1. Have) fears left. When we ___ (2. reach) the boat that ___ (3. abandon) by the pirates, we ___ (4. breathe) better than when we ___ (5. sail) in the previous night. Around midnight Milkin ___ (6. awake) all of us with a heartbreaking call. ___ (7. Spring) to our shaking feet, we ___ (8. ask) him what the matter ___ (9. be). Milkin said that he ___ (10. see) a ghost.
  12. ___ (1. Read) the morning newspaper, last Sunday, I ___ (2. wonder) what ___ (3. will happen) to news media if people stopped ___ (4. commit) crimes and nature stopped ___ (5. cause) calamities. No sooner ___ (have) I wondered so, I got my answer too. If crimes and calamities ___ (can stop), then 1% of the world population, media persons, will go unemployed.
  13. Delhi Metro is a rapid transit system ____ (1. serve) Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad in the National Capital Region of India. It is one of the largest metro network in the world. The network ____ (2. consist) of six lines with a total length of 189.63 kilometers with 142 stations of which 35 ____ (3. Be) underground. It has a combination of elevated, at-grade and underground lines and ____ (4. use) both broad gauge and standard gauge rolling stock.
Tense Ultimate Practice

In the following paragraphs, tense is mixed up. Rewrite the paragraphs with correct tense forms.

  1. Mostly Present – India’s population is rising like a rocket. Every second in India three to eleven children were born and one to four people died. It was important to keep a balance between the death-birth ratio. If we didn’t did anything to controlled population, there will be more people in India than there were flies. The best thing that any Indian can did is have just one child.
  2. Mostly Past – Do you know what Octavian and two of his friends did to save their country? Their king was a very rude and barbarous man. He impose heavy taxes upon people and send so many innocent people into prison. To saved the country from this evil king, Octavian and his friends kidnap the prince and take him to a cave in the forest. They threaten the king that they will kill the prince if the king don’t stop being rude.

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