You will learn the skill of debating and debate writing with examples, formats, dos and donts. The most important thing is, debate is an argument with facts known and unknown to the other speakers and the audience. If the speaker doesn’t have deep knowledge of topic, there are chances of defeat. To overcome such a possible disaster, we have prepared this page with samples and “facts” for some very possible themes. Hope you will enjoy.

Debate is a battle with words, facts, lies  and a little imagination. A debate should have the following contents:

  • Make the right choice. Your choice matters.
  • Gather all the facts that you know.
  • Work your imagination and information and guess.
What are the ingredients of a debate?
  1. Only facts that includes survey reports and recent news stories.
  2. Estimates by experts and your own predictions.
  3. Give more answers than raising questions.
  4. Answering the previous speakers.
Speech Vs Debate
Speech Debate
Argues the pros and cons. Argues either pros or cons.
Follows Facts, Causes,
Consequences & Solutions.
Follows mostly
Can ask a few
Can give answers to questions.
Address the audience in second person. Address the audience in second person.
Ends with a ‘thanks.’ Ends with a thanks.
Sample 1
Motion – “Gandhian lifestyle is not practical in the modern world.”

Honorable judges, teachers and my worthy opponents, thank you for giving me this opportunity to join this debate on the topic, “Gandhian lifestyle of simplicity is not practical in today’s world” and I would like to speak in favor of the motion.

When I was asked to prepare a debate on this topic, I was greatly shocked and confused. I spent half a day searching on the internet and discussing with my friends and parents to collect a couple of points I could level against Gandhiji’s lifestyle but I could find none relevant, none convincing, none strong enough to debate. Having left with no source of help, I dug into my own reckoning for a while, and lo! I was amazed to see that ourown day today life is full of examples to argue that the down to earth life style of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is much outdated, much impractical and a misery in fact.

All of us know what Gandhiji’s life style was. The fakir, the wanderer, the scantily clad non-violent man the world has ever seen, lived a life par excellence but how many of us will be able to live a day the way he lived, copying his life style? Will you walk barefoot when you have a dozen pairs of shoes at home? Will you forgive an oppressor who knocks your teeth down when you can hire a goon to reciprocate? Will you lie down on the coarse grass and bare floor even when your world class house boasts about all those five-star facilities? With internet and smartphones around, with the price of AUDI and PORSCHE slashing and your dad’s salary touching three lakhs per month, with appearances judging your place in the society, will any of you abandon the luxuries of this short life?

In the words Louis Ficher, “Gandhiji lived, in the eyes of the ordinary people, a down-to-the-earth-life which no one will be able to copy in real life.”

Thank you.

Next – Parts & Format
  1. Bring the audience to you.
  2. Convince the audience.
  3. Defeat your opponent.

To bring the audience to you, you have to play it smartly. Catch every ear and pour your words hot into it. Let’s begin with another simple sample on the next page.

The topic of the sample is as follows:


  • Only facts work here so you should know what you are speaking about.
  • Lay out stats/survey reports/new reports.
  • Facts but unknown to the audience will do magic. Out of three facts, one can be your imagination.


  • Speak authentically.
  • Persuade the listeners. Like, “Which child today doesn’t know how catastrophic, how dangerous, how destructive over population is!” (In fact many people are not aware of it but we make them feel so)


  • If you are speaking, do not always speak with a smile. The audience may not take your points seriously.


  • Sarcasm – “We the human beings have pushed the wildlife out of our land and closed the rest of them in zoological parks and zoos. What a great achievements!”
  • Direct attack – “We are the only species that attend schools and add degrees but it is too shameful that no animal has, no reptile has, not a bird has caused environmental destruction or ozone layer depletetion.”


  • Well, there are times when we happen to know nothing about a subject. What to do then? Yes, blend facts with a little imagination. Not a bid deal.
  • If your opponent had spoken much smarter, make sure you have said much more.


  • Close the debate by expressions like – “We never knew how things stood but here it is evident.” “I believe I didn’t hurt my opponents.”


Like speech, a debate goes without a definite format.

  • Begin like a speech. Address the audience.
  • Do not fail to acknowledge the previous speaker/s.
  • Once having brought your audience and the opponents alike that you are speaking in favor of your opponent’s vies, start striking back.
  • Attack with credible points, facts and fictions.
  • Add sarcasm.
  • Try to figure out the weakness of the opponents’ arguments.
  • End humbly, not triumphantly, leaving it to the audience to judge.

Starting Sample

In a live survey conducted in three schools in Delhi last month, more than 60% students voted against uniform dress code against a 20% percentile voted for it and the remaining 20% expressed lukewarm opinions. Some of the reasons that the whopping 60% leveled against uniform dress code was that it questioned their freedom to dress up!

Sample 2
Motion – Indian Education System has been able to generate skilled workers but not an educated society.

May I invoke you, honorable judges and all the respected participants to the motion we are debating today – Has Indian education been able to achieve the primary aim of education? The primary aim of education is not jobs, it is not money, it is not technological developments, it is not popularity and fame. In a word, the primary aim achieved by education is cultural and social growth. Sadly enough, with an unmentionable education index of 135, shamefully below many countries ravaged by terrorism and economic disasters, India has found itself placed among the most poorly educated nations of the world.

Laying the facts bare on the table in front of all of you, India’s education has not been reaping the expected harvest. Apart from the fact that over 5% of Indian population is scattered across the globe as skilled laborers, the Indian mass has not learnt anything since the establishment of schools during the British rule. Ask around and you will find 95 out of hundred Indians who have no idea what global warming is, what gender equality is, what ozone layer is, what globalization is, what rainwater harvesting is, what solar energy is and what human rights are. Ask around and you will meet men and women who have never heard about the harmful effects of pesticides, about the air-pollutants, about Malala, about facebook, about the Kathua rape case and much more.

Everyone is ready to lecture upon the heroism of their political leaders, the miracles performed by their fake babas, the curses that each God is in charge of, the salary their sons are earning, the jewelry they are planning to buy for their daughter’s marriage.

Sample 3

Question – Write a  debate in favor of the motion “online smart classes are the future education style.”

Honorable judges and worthy listeners

If you are so old minded and dare to think that computers will be distracting children from studies, with a sincere sorry for you, let me tell you that the young generation has gone a long way with computers!

When most parents think of learning from computers, socializing websites like facebook appear before their eyes. It is the biggest cyber tragedy. There are definitely a large number of sites beyond the just facebook. I am not here to debate if these social networking sites are doing good or bad – certainly they do both – but I am here to talk about the endless possibilities of computer and internet based teaching method.

Khan’s academy, Baiju’s teaching app, learn-next, meritnation, good-reads… the list of online teaching platforms is endless and ever growing. There are millions of students and teachers who use these websites and apps for their exam-preparation. They are mostly free is what makes one turn away from traditional paper-guides. With a smartphone in every hand, city and village alike, these online libraries are within everyone’s reach. Google has already replaced the word Guru because this guru gives us knowledge.

With seven hundred billion population and six hundred trees, it is the need of the century to minimize the use of paper. In this context you can find no better solution than eLearning. Rather than living the life of a consumer, let’s be contributors. Instead of buying paper books, let’s buy eBooks. Instead of collecting a thousand books in our shelves, let’s convert our phones or computers a virtual library and learn.

Thank you.

Sample 4

Question – Write a debate in favor of the motion ‘the idiot box could not have been perfect without commercials and advertisements.’

Honorable persons present on the stage and my worthy opponents and listeners,

Let me make it very clear that I am not the least against the recent advertisements that appeared on the Doordharshan Channels proclaiming support for Anti-Corruption, calling supporters for the Kerala-Tamilnadu Dam crisis, boosting women to come to the forefront of nation building or the banners that appeared declaring support for Anna Hazare. My humble campaign is solely against those mouth-watering, glossy, maddening yet insincere advertisements that break the news hours and movie times.

There is one ad that promises you uninterrupted network including on deserts and there are many to believe it, there is the most expensive costume worn by that most beautiful actress and there are thousands of foolish women to buy them because they feel that the costume could dress them like the actress, there is that fairness cream and lotion that promises you to make you the fairest in the area in just three weeks and there are a number of girls and women whom no miracle can make fairer buy them. The child wants Horlicks to grow but refuses the chapaaties that he likes the most; the student wants.. (not complete)

Sample 5

Question – Write a debate in favor of or against the CCE System introduced in the CBSE curriculum, Delhi and all India.

Respected judges and my worthy opponents,

We have been listening about the great contributions that the CCE has in its very infancy given to the education system of India. The previous speaker has well explained how effective this new system is and how it will create a new generation of bright Indians. With all respect and due agreement with her, let me just make you think in a different way.

CCE system, as praised by my opponent in this debate, has of course turned the course of Indian education: but is it for its good or is it for the worst? CCE promises ease of learning burden and removal of extra strain in classrooms and outside. But how many of you, students or parents, feel the ease at present? Hasn’t the burden of education become over burden? Can you honestly say if you really enjoy learning with loads of assessments, projects, submissions, deadlines and finally the frown of your teacher who has assumed the role of your continuous misery rather than continuous guidance that our teachers used to be some years ago? No, no, no.

Thank you all.

Sample 6

While everyone is still fighting for the emancipation of women and girls, the truth goes unnoticed – men and boys are the worst-hit victims; not women! Let’s first support the motion and then move on to counter it.

Supporting the Motion

Since the world was made and men and women were created, woman is always the victim. She cries while he shouts at her not to cry. She cries more and then he calms down. Don’t cry, sweetie, get ready let’s go for a movie, or let’s buy you a new necklace! She smiles. He smiles. Peace be upon Earth!

Respected judges and all the worthy participants speaking at this debate. You may already have judged me wrong. You must have named me a male chauvinist, incorrigible oppressor. Right? Call me the most dreadful names but after listening to my humble argument that men and boys are the true victims of gender discrimination.

No one would argue that he or she hasn’t traveled by buses or three-wheeler public autos. Suppose you are a man or a boy, traveling to the nearest metro station in such a public transport, majority of the passengers being women and girls. Suddenly one of the women, out of a misunderstanding, grudge or madness, cries out that you winked at her, you touched her body, you passed an obscene comment at her or took her photo from a wrong angle. The prejudiced society is so merciless that you will be brutally dealt with. Bystanders and other passengers will definitely execute your punishment publicly and there will be no one to argue for you.

Will this happen to a girl or a woman if she is similarly accused by a man or boy? Why is it so? Why are men too weak to stand up and prove his innocence? Time has in such a way changed that woman looks at every man as a criminal, an enemy or a potential rapist so she keeps a disproving eye on him all the time. Daughters dread to stay back home with their fathers. Are all fathers to be feared? There are as many bad men as there are bad woman but not all men are bad nor are all women bad. Media has polluted our minds in such a way that we are prejudiced about our brothers, our fathers, our husbands.

Dear sisters and mothers, I warn you, stop being prejudiced about men. Learn to trust them.

Thank you.

Well, the topic was a little new so it was not very easy to digest – right? There are still factors we have to try and learn. Let’s check out another.

Next – Sample 7

Biju John is an educational writer, educator and the author of OM - The Otherwise Men. He gives live classes on Skype and Facebook. You can attend his 3 Day Classes (English & Business Studies) in Delhi, Bangalore, Qatar and Dubai. His Contact number is 91 9810740061.

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