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You will learn the skill of debating and debate writing with examples, formats, dos and donts. The most important thing is, debate is an argument with facts known and unknown to the other speakers and the audience. If the speaker doesn’t have deep knowledge of topic, there are chances of defeat. To overcome such a possible disaster, we have prepared this page with samples and “facts” for some very possible themes. Hope you will enjoy.

Debate is a battle with words, facts, lies  and a little imagination. A debate should have the following contents:

  • Make the right choice. Your choice matters.
  • Gather all the facts that you know.
  • Work your imagination and information and guess.
What are the ingredients of a debate?
  1. Only facts that includes survey reports and recent news stories.
  2. Estimates by experts and your own predictions.
  3. Give more answers than raising questions.
  4. Answering the previous speakers.
Speech Vs Debate
Argues the pros and cons.Argues either pros or cons.
Follows Facts, Causes,
Consequences & Solutions.
Follows mostly
Can ask a few
Can give answers to questions.
Address the audience in second person.Address the audience in second person.
Ends with a ‘thanks.’Ends with a thanks.

Sample 1

Motion – “Gandhian lifestyle is not practical in the modern world.”

Honorable judges, teachers and my worthy opponents, thank you for giving me this opportunity to join this debate on the topic, “Gandhian lifestyle of simplicity is not practical in today’s world” and I would like to speak in favor of the motion.

When I was asked to prepare a debate on this topic, I was greatly shocked and confused. I spent half a day searching on the internet and discussing with my friends and parents to collect a couple of points I could level against Gandhiji’s lifestyle but I could find none relevant, none convincing, none strong enough to debate. Having left with no source of help, I dug into my own reckoning for a while, and lo! I was amazed to see that ourown day today life is full of examples to argue that the down to earth life style of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is much outdated, much impractical and a misery in fact.

All of us know what Gandhiji’s life style was. The fakir, the wanderer, the scantily clad non-violent man the world has ever seen, lived a life par excellence but how many of us will be able to live a day the way he lived, copying his life style? Will you walk barefoot when you have a dozen pairs of shoes at home? Will you forgive an oppressor who knocks your teeth down when you can hire a goon to reciprocate? Will you lie down on the coarse grass and bare floor even when your world class house boasts about all those five-star facilities? With internet and smartphones around, with the price of AUDI and PORSCHE slashing and your dad’s salary touching three lakhs per month, with appearances judging your place in the society, will any of you abandon the luxuries of this short life?

In the words Louis Ficher, “Gandhiji lived, in the eyes of the ordinary people, a down-to-the-earth-life which no one will be able to copy in real life.”

Thank you.

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    • Mahi

    • November 24, 2017

    It was little bit nice in against

    1. Which question?

    • Bernard

    • January 6, 2018

    Can we pls discuss this motion “the youth in ICT is a curse to the nation” we are writing both for and against the motion

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