Textual MCQ 
Textual Reference to Context 
Questions & Answers 
  1. What did the old man bequeath to his three sons?
    The old man ______ _____ ______.
  2. Why were the three brothers unable to divide the camels among themselves?
    The three brothers were unable to _____ _____ _____ and they were three in number.
  3. Who is the most selfish of all the three brothers?
    In my opinion, _____ _____.
  4. How did the holy man solve the problem faced by the three brothers?
    The holy man _____ _____ _____.
  5. Explain the mathematics that solved the deadlock (confusion)?
Subject & Predicate 
Articles – A, an, the 
Paragraph Writing  
  1. Write a paragraph on “How I have changed my behavior with my house-maid?”

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