Laying a Trap for Ranga
  1. How did the narrator carry out his resolve to get Ranga married to Ratna?
    The narrator felt that Ranga and Ratna was a suitable match for each other. He arranged a meeting in which Ranga could meet Ratna and get impressed with her quality of singing. The narrator was a frequent visitor to Rama Rao’s place and Ratna was quite free with him. On a Friday, he called Ratna to his house to deliver the buttermilk made by Rama Rao’s wife. He asked Ratna to sing for him and sent for Ranga at the same time. Ranga arrived while Ratna was rendering the melodious song. In this way, Ranga was able to meet her there. He manipulated things in a clever way and made Ranga fall in love with her.
  2. How did Shyama force Ranga to confess his love?
  3. Why does the narrator compare himself to a he-goat and Ranga to a lion?
    The narrator referred to a story in which a clever he-goat was able to scare away a lion. Here, he compares himself to the shrewd goat who has laid a plot for Ranga’s marriage. Just as the lion was unable to escape the clever moves of the goat, Ranga was also taken in by his manipulations.
  4. What arrangements did the narrator make with Shastri, the astrologer?
    The astrologer had been briefed by Shyama about what to say. He acted accordingly. Ranga was already interested in Ratna. He told her that he could possibly marry the girl he was thinking of marrying.
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