Ranga, the Hypocrite
  1. Why does Ranga disagree with marrying at a very young age?
    Ranga was of the view that one should not marry a very young girl. A person should marry a girl who is mature. According to him, a man should marry a girl whom he admires.
  2. Why did Shyama feel that Ratna was the perfect girl for Ranga?
    Shyama had known Ranga and Ratna for several years. The two had been well educated and were sent to the city to have advanced education. Besides, Shyama was sure that Ranga and Ratna had fallen in love on the very first meeting.
  3. How did Ranga and Ratna first meet?
  4. How did Shyama infer that Ranga had fallen in love with Ratna?
    Hints – Ratna stopped singing – Ranga stayed even after admitting his presence had stopped Ratna from singing – Ranga asked who she was – Ranga developed headache when he was told Ratna had been married a year ago.
  5. What caused Ranga’s headache after meeting Ratna?
  6. “Words, mere words! The fellow said he would leave but he did not make a move. How can one expect words to match actions in these days of Kaliyuga?”Who said these words and in what context?
    The narrator spoke these words when Ranga admitted that he should not have come to interrupt Ratna’s singing. Impressed by her singing and charm,  Ranga wished to stay there yet he said that he had come in the wrong time and said he must go.
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