Punctuate the following sentences

mr jones and his brother ron live in new york
Mr. Jones and his brother Ron live in New York.

  1. our science teacher ms mollie is getting married to our french teacher mr rohan
  2. india pakistan and bangladesh were a single country
  3. the nile waters a large part of africa
  4. prime minister rahul gandhi is loved by all indians
  5. julius caesar was assassinated by his best friend markus brutus
  1. Our science teacher Ms. Mollie is getting married to our French teacher Mr. Rohan.
  2. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were a single country.
  3. The Nile waters a large part of Africa.
  4. Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi is loved by all Indians.
  5. Julius Caesar was assassinated by his best friend Markus Brutus.
Punctuate the following sentences with apostrophe (‘) marks:
  1. She told me that her car hadnt been washed for three days.
  2. This pen is Toms. You cant take it without his permission.
  3. If it isnt my fault or Peters fault, why dont we get an easy bail and go?
  4. While Marys cows werent eating grass, Chings cows drank all the water which wasnt kept there for animals.
Punctuate the following sentences with quotation (“…”) marks:
  1. I said, friends, we have not yet reached the river. There is another three miles to go.
  2. The river is flooding, the villager warned us.
  3. Yuan said, the principal is going to punish you for this.

Punctuate the following with hyphen (-)

  1. There are two kinds of beings human being and being human.
  2. The wizard like any others is an old man.


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