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Exam Pack 10 English CBSE 2018


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Literature Section

Prose – 2 Marks

  1. Why was John Hallock not able to write a ghost story for Jenkin’s magazine?
  2. Why were the ghosts on strike?
  3. What did Helen want John do for her before she resumed her services to John? (2 marks)
  4. Under what circumstances did John join the Ouija Board Party?
    Hint – One of the party members, Mrs. William Augustus Wainright could not attend the party – Laura Hinkle had no companion
  5. Shady means suspicious. How do you bring out the element of suspicion in the story?
  6. How did John discourage Lavinia from using the Ouija board?
  7. Why did Lavinia say that Helen of Troy would not be called with the help of the Ouija board?
  8. How did John conclude that the woman in his room was a real ghost?
  9. What did John feel when Helen said that she had been called by John?
  10. What did so much please Helen that she stopped haunting John Hallock’s house?
  11. Why did Patol Babu feel that the production team members were pulling his legs at the location?

Poem – 1 Mark

  1. How did the ancient mariner stop the wedding guest?
  2. Why did the poet think of honoring the snake?
  3. What had king Ozymandias hoped from getting his statue erected?
  4. Why did the poet want the snake return to him?
  5. What punishment did the mariners cast upon the ancient mariner?

Poems – 2 Marks

  1. What was inscribed on the pedestal of Ozymandias’ statue? How did it turn out to be ironic? ♦♦♦♦♦
  2. What did the poet feel after dropping the log on the water-trough? ♦♦♦♦
  3. In what sense is the poem the Rime (rhyme) of the Ancient Mariner? ♦♦♦

Prose – 4 Marks

  1. Describe the troubles that John Hallock bore to avoid any harm that could have occurred to Lavinia in case she saw the ghost?
  2. How did Helen avenge John’s joining the Ouija Board Party?
  3. Sebastian Shultz’ going into coma was as unusual as his return from it. Elaborate.

Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank

  1. Anne Frank’s growing years were not normal. Discuss.
    Anne was just entering her adolescence when her family had to go into hiding. It was a flight from the horrors that usually do not happen in the lives of every child. She had to live under unbearable strain. She was confined and bound. The terror of death was always in her little heart. She was deprived of formal schooling. She had to forget her days as one of the happiest of the students in her class. Although her father had ordered books for her, it was not like going to school.

Solved Answers

  1. Why didn’t John stop Lavinia from leaving him?
    John didn’t stop Lavinia from leaving him because he knew she would faint if she saw Helen’s ghost in human shape inside the room. He thought he could convince her of the situation later after keeping her away from the danger of going unconscious or abnormal.
  2. Why did Hallock say that he was glad to burn the Ouija board even though he thought it was a malicious job?
    John was glad to burn the Ouija board because his life was being manipulated by the ghost of Helen for his not stopping his wife from using the Ouija board.
  3. How was Lavinia responsible for bringing the ghost of Helen of Troy to their home?
    Lavinia and her friends were greatly crazy about the Ouija board practices. Because they were responsible for making the lives of ghosts hellish, the ghost of Helen came to John to advise him to do something to stop the use of Ouija boards.
  4. How did Lavinia react on seeing the ghost of Helen of Troy? Why was it contrary to what Hallock expected?
    Lavinia behaved quite normally, unperturbed on seeing the ghost inside John’s room. In fact John had feared that she would faint or go mad at the sight of a real ghost in front of her or go violent to confirm her suspicions upon her husband hiding a woman in his room.

Long Answers & More

  1. Family relationship sometimes undergoes checks and trials. The best way to overcome such trials is to be frank with each other. Discuss.
  2. John was, from the beginning, concerned about Lavinia’s fears. He could not let her run the risk of seeing the ghost in his room. Unfortunately, all went in the wrong direction. Explain.

Reference to Context

  1. “Jenkins always seemed to have an uncanny knowledge as to when the landlord or the grocer was pestering me, and he dunned (forced) me for a ghost story.”
  2. “Those were terrible days.”
    1. Which were terrible days for the ghost?
      Her days on the earth as Helen of Troy, New York, a once prolific writer, were terrible days for the ghost.
  3. “So far I had managed to conceal this affliction from Lavinia.”
    1. Which affliction had John Hallock been able to conceal from Lavinia?
  4. “I remembered her craze for taking up new fads and a premonitory chill crept up the back of my neck.”
    1. What was Hallock’s premonitory chill?
  5. “I simply couldn’t ask. The possibility was too horrible.”
    1. What possibility is John Hallock referring to?

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