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November 3, 2018
General Verdict – Do not look at the Clock!
Reading ★

Reading part A was a little harder this time while for many others B and C were equally challenging. At the same time, Reading was easy for many. As usual, all those who appeared first time found the test harder than they expected.

Most test takers said that they could not cope with the fast moving Reading Part A. However, those who found it manageable have said that time-bound practice is the only best way out. While you practice, do that under strict timing. Never look at the clock. Although it is important to understand the 4 texts, do not think deep. No one said Reading B and C were as hard as A so be better prepared for Part A.

Improve Reading – Tips

My sincere advice is – let not your heart sink at the end of Part A because the Exam is not Over! And again, divide your 15 minutes into 10 and 5. During the first 10 minutes, read each line and underline each key word. Keywords can be:

  • Those you are not sure of,
  • Those you heard for the first time,
  • Those that are new in medical field.

Underlining helps you to link each previous and next sentence and idea. CONTINUE READING

Writing ★★★★

Like it happened last time, writing task contained too much of input – most of them important but seemingly unimportant or unimportant but seemingly important. Writing was easy for most takers this time. To help you out, I have created a page. Please visit this page when you have got some time. 

Listening ★★★

Listening was the worst this time. The conversations were too fast and not very clear to non natives. Part C went like bullet train while Part A made many go ice in their chairs. The speed and clarity betrayed very badly. It was not lack of practice that caused this calamity but fear, anxiety, speed and the poor clarity of audios. Shockingly enough, at some centers candidates were not given headphones – they were made to hear from a common set loud speakers.

OET may consider speeding down the pace of conversations or providing headphones but we cannot and we need not wait. My advice, again, is to be calm. Listening being the first test, you are bound to wriggle under pressure and panic. 

  • Do not worry about the speed.

Even if you could not attempt the first 5 or 10 questions, hold up and wait for the next. All the questions and not going to be hard because the first five were hard. Remember, OET conducts exams not only to find medical professionals good at language alone. OET wants people who can be positive people amidst difficulties.

Speaking ★

Many said that the interlocutor behaved friendly but that didn’t help in the performance. Several first-time candidates struggled to speak. They found it hard to open their mouth while for the recurrent takers speaking was really satisfactory.

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How was the exam this time?
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No Kidding with OET 



Hi guys
I’ve just finished my exam
Listening was not bad
Reading was very challenging ( part C, or some how part B)
Writing was about a patient who suffer from heart failure and cirrhosis. Lots of information there . Reluctant to receive treatment and wants to move to remote area. referral letter to Community service
Speaking :
About a patient who has atrial fibrillation who doesn’t know what that is and doctor started new medication. You should explain about disease and mechanism of medication and try to encourage him to continue even he has symptoms
Another scenario was about a father who suffers from dementia and had catheter and had UTI
and you should explain about high incidence rate of UTI in this patient, how to prevent and take AB.


Abt scenario: it was abt school student who had cut from falling down and should suggest to go and see doctor as it is deep cut. I have done temporary just to stop bleeding. Other one was abt old lady who had pneumonia and had routine check up after discharge and u need to make sure she is taking medicine and doing exercise. Task card 2
18 year old had a cut after an accident. The wound is deep and bleeding quite heavily.
-provide bandage
-explain the need to see a doctor (patient is hesitant to see a doctor)
-ask when was his last tetanus immunization
-explain the risks of getting tetanus (lockjaw, fits, etc)
-explain the need for urgent wound care.


Writing topic was . A letter to Gp for review and management about ashtmatic condition of the patient.

Must Read from Kiddingtown

OET Writing Sample Answers | OET Writing for Beginners
OET Writing – New | OET Writing Quiz | OET for Malayalis
How was the exam this time?
Reading Part A | Reading Part B | OET Listening | OET Speaking

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