OET Speaking Test – Role-Play 1 & 2

Respond as politely and compassionately as you can, then head to the nurses’ station and give yourself a couple minutes to breathe.

  • Number of tasks – 2
  • Time Allowed 20 Minutes
Let’s Begin!
Step 1 – Warm-up Questions

Study the following Sample Introductory Questions and Answers.

  1. What are the trends in nursing?
    1. More Outpatient Care
      1. Reason 1 – Pressure to keep down costs and more effective technologies and treatments that have eliminated the need for overnight hospital stays.
      2. Reason 2 – Financial constraints, such as high insurance deductibles, have also caused many patients to put off elective procedures. However, these patients often still require extensive medical attention, hence the need for more outpatient facilities and care.
      3. Reason 3 – Nurses will also find opportunities in outpatient settings such as ambulatory care clinics, rehabilitation centers, and clinics attached to assisted-living facilities, and even telehealth providers.
    2. The Importance of Cultural Competency
      1. At its core, health care is about people, and different people have different needs. That has never been more true in the U.S. health care system than today, when nurses are helping individuals, families, and groups from ever more diverse backgrounds. Nurses who are who are sensitive to the cultural habits, traditions, and beliefs of their patients will be able to provide care that takes these into account. For example, some patients may speak English as a second language, affecting their understanding of directions or medical terminology; patients from certain religions may have dietary restrictions; and some individuals come from cultures where they fare best when they are surrounded by family rather than isolated in a hospital room.
  2. What are the challenges that nursing and nurses face today?
    1. Sleep deprivations.
    2. Overloaded work pressure.
    3. Losing social life.
    4. Difficulty in coping with foreign cultures & Languages.
    5. Inferiority complex while working in a foreign land.
  3. What would have been your second choice to Nursing? Why?
    1. Teaching would have been my second choice.
    2. I like the profession because by being a teacher or lecturer, I take part in the building up of a culture.
    3. Apart from all that I have said, I like the Social recognition & Respect bestowed upon a teacher.
  4. Why have you opted for nursing?
    1. It is a profession that doesn’t compromise with service.
    2. Nursing gives a lot of opportunities to interact with various kinds of people from diverse culture.
    3. It gives a great deal of job satisfactions.
    4. Last but not the least, taking care of the ailing and the aged is next to godliness.
  5. What are the occupational disease that nursing professionals mostly suffer from?
    1. Chronic back-pain is one of the most troubling difficulty that practicing nurses face.
    2. Radiation Exposure
    3. Needle-stick injuries
      1. Infections such HIV
      2. Hepatitis B, C
      3. Tuberculosis (TB)
  6. Hi! May I have the pleasure to know your name?
    1. Hello! I am Elizabeth.
    2. ________
  7. Your candidate number?
    1. It is 8787DRS.
    2. ________
  8. Alright. Where do you come from?
    1. I come from Iritty, Kannur District of Kerala.
    2. ________
  9. Kerala! God’s Own Country! Well, what’s your profession?
    1. I am a nurse by profession. At present I work as a registered nurse at St. John’s Hospital, New Delhi.
    2. ________
  10. Why did you choose nursing as a profession, Elizabeth?
    1. Nursing is a noble profession that satisfies anyone who wishes to earn a decent living by helping the humanity. That means, one can feed one’s ambitions and..
    2. Besides, nursing as a profession opens up opportunities to socialize.
    3. ________
  11. Do you have a role model? Who? Why?
    1. Yes, I consider Dr. Abdul Kalam as my role model. He was a genius at heart. His inspiring words and his simple life have both inspired me.
    2. Yes, E M Sridharan who is popularly known as the Metro Man of India is my number one role model. I like his dedication and a life without blemishes.
    3. My mother is my role model. She had been a strong person when our family had gone through the worst time.
    4. ________
  12. What are the qualities of a nurse?
    1. Listener, compassionate, good at communicating, dedicated, punctual.
    2. ________
  13. What qualities do you possess as a nurse?
    1. I think I am a good listener
    2. ________
    3. Documentation, Rounds
  14. ________How do you describe a routine day in your life? 
  15. Tell me more about Australia.
    1. ________
    2. ________
  16. What are your plans after reaching Australia?
    1. ________
    2. ________
  17. Is gender difference something that gives you cause of a little worry?
    1. ________
    2. ________
  18. What was your unforgettable experience while working as a nurse?
    1. ________
    2. ________
  19. Why did you prefer OET?
    1. ________
    2. ________
  20. Which country are you planning to emigrate to? Why?
    1. ________
    2. ________
  21. What are the recent trends and advancements in nursing?
    1. Computerized recordings
    2. Sophisticated machinery/equipment.
    3. Evidence-based practice.
    4. Tele nursing
    5. ________
    6. ________
    7. ________
    8. ________
  22. What are your advice for future nurses?
    1. Respect your profession and your patients.
    2. Remember every other profession is as hard as nursing is.
    3. ________
    4. ________
    5. _______
Step 2 – Role-Play

The examiner will then ask you a specific question. You will be given time to be ready with your answer.

How to Reply to a Patient who is in pain / who has a complaint, etc.
  1. Express back.
  2. Ask a few add-on questions to clarify. Maximum 3. (Not under severe situations)
  3. Make the patient understand that you have understood his/her problem.
  4. Start your Reply:
    1. Talk like an expert. Use a few easy medical terms that the patient may or may not understand.
    2. Say that this is a normal case.
    3. Quote examples of recovery cases.
    4. Assure that there is nothing to worry.
    5. Inform what you have done for him.
    6. Inform what the doctors are going to do for him.
Some Questions that Patients Ask Nurses
  1. I should see my wife immediately!
    1. I quite understand your anxiety but I am sorry that you cannot see her right now.
  2. When can I see my doctor?
    1. He is on an emergency round.
    2. I am sorry to see you in trouble.
    3. I can check for you in a minute.
  3. Can I go home?
    1. You are not yet alright, Mr. Sam.
    2. You can but in two day’s time.
    3. If you go home, your wounds will not heal perfectly.
  4. Why is my pain not receding?
    1. Ask 2 to 3 additional questions to the patient.
    2. The weather is the main cause.
    3. You have been injected low amount of analgesic, I mean, painkillers.
  5. When can I have food/meds/visitors?
  6. Nurse, I feel like moving to another hospital but my children do not agree!
    1. Opps! That’s unfortunate that you think of moving to another hospital. Well, may I know what makes you think of quitting our hospital?
  7. Nurse, I love my baby but I am terribly worried about its skin color.
  8. Nurse, why are you so kind and patient with all the patients here?
    1. Try, “Let’s focus on you, for now. How are you feeling?” or something similar as a segue out of an awkward situation.
    2. And, of course, if you ever feel truly uncomfortable, let your supervisor know.
  9. How long until my test results are back?
    1. “I’m not sure, I can check for you,” is perfectly acceptable too.
  10. The doctor said that I will shortly need to undergo a …… operation. What does that mean?
  11. “The doctor said I need to come back again next week for another test, is it that bad?”
    1. Just follow the doctor’s diagnosis and your instincts on this one.
    2. Calm the patient as much as you can if they’re concerned, but also be realistic with them.
    3. It’s a tough balance to strike sometimes, with any of these patient questions, but it makes a huge difference to your patients to know they have someone there who cares enough to answer their questions.
  12. Nurse, what time can I drive my grandfather to the hospital?
    1. Well, that depends on your convenience. The hospital is open 24 hours on all days.
    2. _______
    3. _______
  13. Sister, do you think that I will recover and be able to function normally?
    1. By all means you will! What makes you think that way? As per your medical examination and discharge plan you are well and silver.
    2. _______
    3. _______
  14. Is there any way I can avoid taking insulin injection?
    1. _______
    2. _______
  15. Nurse, should I inform my dear ones that I am a cancer patient?
    1. You can gladly tell them about it. What I mean is, your cancer, that is basal skin carcinoma, is very common and 100% curable.
    2. _______
    3. _______
  16. Nurse, is it alright that I washed the site of bite with clean water?
    1. That’s alright for the time being. However, I suggest washing wounds with sterile water.
    2. _______
    3. _______
  17. Nurse, I have an appointment with Dr. Specks tomorrow 4 PM. Is it alright I come by 5.30?
    1. Sorry, but you will run into trouble if you postpone the appointment. Dr. Specks visits this hospital only twice every month. I would like to request you to stick to the time given to you.
    2. _______
    3. _______
  18. Nurse, I am really sorry but can you consult with the hospital management about removing the life supporting facilities that my brain-dead brother is at present provided?
    1. _______
    2. _______
  19. Nurse, I am 100% impotent at the moment. My wife thinks that we should go for a test-tube conception. What would you suggest?
    1. _______
    2. _______
  20. Nurse, I think I am suffering from acute memory loss. I fear it is the starting point of dementia or the like. Should I worry?
    1. _______
    2. _______
  21. I am a TB patient. I have not been aware of it. Is it too late to start treatment?
    1. _______
    2. _______
  22. I do not know how my life is going to change from this point. I don’t find any meaning being alive.
    1. _______
    2. _______
  23. Do you think I am going to be alright after operation?
    1. You will be able to live as you always had done. Please think less of the operation but more of your recovery and family. 
    2. _______
    3. _______
  24.  Between the mother of a three year old baby and nurse. Regarding food.
  25. Between a patient who is recovering from a minor knee fracture and nurse.
    1. When will my pain go completely?
    2. Can I write my exams.
    3. Will you suggest exercise for a speedy recovery?
    4. When can I go to my gym?
Questions A Nurse Can Ask
  1. That’s unfortunate! By the way, have you consulted Dr. Wills on your previous appointment?
  2. Please tell me more about your medical history. 
  3. Is there anything else I should know about you?

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