Each segment of an OET Letter is tense-specific but we hardly noticed that. Here is what it roughly looks like:

  1. Starting – Present Tense
  2. Medical history – Past Perfect & Simple Past
  3. social history – Present Tense
  4. Nursing Management – Past, Present and Future Tense.

Based on the above sections and tenses, you will see how important a tense-change is for an OET Letter. Have patience and learn each section carefully

  1. Present Continuous
    1. I am writing this letter to provide information about Ms Stella, a known case of diabetes mellitus, who will be discharged and transferred to your facility to treat her worsening condition.
  2. Simple Present – An OET Letter generally starts with simple present tense.
  3. Present Perfect
  4. Present Perfect Continuous

“I write this letter to refer Ms Shallot who has been under our care following multiple surgeries…”

  1. Simple Past
  2. Present Perfect

“Ms Shallot was admitted to our care on 12th March, 2018…” Patient’s present condition.

  1. Simple Present
  2. Present Perfect

“Post-operatively Ms Sandra has regained a satisfactory health.” Patient’s social circumstances


Simple Present

Mr John lives with his family – wife and three children, the eldest of which is seventeen years and the youngest 3. Request

  1. Simple Present
  2. Simple Future

For the above reasons, you are requested to regularly monitor Ms Reena’s insulin intake.


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