Exam Pack Questions

Short Answer Questions. 3 Marks
  1. Why was Zitkala Sa unwilling to get her hair shingled?
  2. Why did Zitkala Sa look hard at the other Indian girls?
  3. Why was the first day in the Land of Apples a bitter day for Zitkala Sa?
  4. Why was the paleface woman looking at Zitkala Sa?
  5. Why did Zitkala Sa start crying when the other children started eating?
  6. What does Zitkala Sa mean by ‘eating by formula?
  7. What made Bama double up (laugh) at the sight of the elder carrying the parcel of vadais to the landlord? (3 reasons)
  8. What did Bama feel when her brother explained to her the evil of untouchability that she and he were victims of? (3 reactions)
  9. Why did the landlord’s man ask Bama’s brother of his whereabouts?
  10. “Now I was one of many little animals driven by a herder.” Whom does Zitkala Sa refer to as ‘little animals’? Why?
  11. How did Bama realize that education is the best antidote against discrimination?
Long Answer Questions. 6 Marks
  1. How do Bama and Zitkala Sa present the grotesque picture of discrimination in the society?
Writing Section
  1. November 8 2016 saw one of the most unexpected turns of India’s recent history with the Government demonetizing rupees 500 and rupees 1000 currency notes. Write a debate supporting or criticizing the move. You are Mithun Arora, class 12.
  2. Your school is organizing a Hygiene Awareness Campaign in your city by going door to door circulating posters, pamphlets and staging street plays on 14th, 15th and 16th of the next month. The Principal has asked you, Anna or Piyush, head-girl/boy, Al Ameen School, Rawalpindi, to draft a notice inviting contributions from students who can design posters and pamphlets. A student can prepare as many posters and pamphlets as possible that can be submitted to the librarian latest by the 10th of the next month. (4 marks)
  3. You are Ms Pramodini Gupta, 33/B, Kailash Apartments, NOIDA. On 12th of May, you had applied for your son Amit’s admission at Jaitley School of Interior Designing. Although the management had assured your son’s admission, on the basis of marks,  his name was not included in the list of selected students. Write a letter of complaint to the Director, Jaitley College of Interior Designing.

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