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  1. Why do men ‘stare’ to women, especially those
  2. women who pass on in attractive costumes?
  3. Most strikingly, ‘staring as one of a unbearable
  4. phenomena’ are found only in India.
  5. Coming back to the question – why does men,
  6. most of them secret, look at women?
  7. From Kochi and Srinagar, women are looked
  8. at by men, like dogs salivating by meat.
  9. Quite shameful, this is done by most men
  10. in India – boys to old man – look at attractive
    women and girls.
Article Writing
  1. Write an article on ‘We have slowly started seeing our brothers and sisters as Hindus and Muslims and Christians.”
  2. Write an article on “Too many Social Networks but We are Hardly Social.”
  3. Wri


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