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Fixing the shepherd with an icy gaze the king raised a single finger. Quicker than a bolt of lightning, the shepherd held up two. The king guffawed with delight. The courtiers around laughed too, though puzzled by the odd exchange.

Short Questions
  1. What did the shepherd do when the king raised his finger?
  2. Why did the courtiers laugh although they did not understand the odd exchange between the king and the shepherd?
  3. What does guffaw mean?
    1. A loud laughter
    2. An angry yell
    3. A surprised smile.
Long Questions
Fill in the Blanks
Informal Letters
  1. Write a letter to your elder brother who is studying in Ohio, United States, describing your new pet dog that has become the family’s sweetheart since it was brought home a week ago. You are Munna, 3/88, Green Park, Delhi – 65.
  2. Alia is your neighbor and best friend. Recently she has won an international award for her music performance in Montreal, Canada. Write a letter congratulating her on her achievement and thanking her for mentioning your name in the interview shortly after the award ceremony. You are Vimal Johar, 550/A, Greater Kailash, New Delhi – 22.
Articles – A, an, the, no article (x)
  1. Can you let me use ____ car you bought last week?
  2. Keep it with you. It is ____ useful book.
  3. Last night I dreamed ____ one-eyed monster.
  4. ____ woman you are looking for is my sister.
  5. We met at ____ breakfast table
  6. How much does ____ eunuch in Delhi earn on a busy day?
  7. He sold his car to become ____ LD clerk.
  8. For his literary contributions, Ruskin Bond could be called ____ Tolkein of India.
  9. Alexander’s army took several days to cross ____ Indus River.
  10. Bismillah Khan has earned all his fame on ____ shehnai.
Fill in the blanks with a or an:
  1. ____ LLB.
  2. ____ MBBS.
  3. ____ DDA flat.
  4. ____ ENT Specialist.
  5. ____ FRCC.
  6. ____ HIV patient.
  7. ____ IAS officer.
  8. ____ NDA Minister.
  9. ____ OET trainer.
  10. ____ RSS feeder.
V1 V2 V3
  1. Go ____ Gone.
  2. Eat Ate ____.
  3. Spread Spread ____.
  4. Cut ____ _____.
  5. Broadcast _____ Broadcast
  6. Read ____ Read.
  7. Come ____ _____
  8. Dream ____ Dreamed.
  9. Lie Lay ____
  10. Lay Laid ____
  1. Her mother and her friends ____ coming to dine with us.
  2. Each boy ____ my friend.
  3. Price of vegetables ____ rising.
  4. Either of the friends ____ missing.
  5. Neither Shiela nor Ravi ____ alive today.
  1. I didn’t ____ (knew/know) his name so I asked.
  2. Did you ____ (understand/understood) the formula?
  3. They didn’t ____ (like/liked) the joke.
  4. One of my cousins ____ (live/lives) in the village.
Reading Comprehension

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