For love and sympathy, there is no boundary. Love crosses barriers and boarders. It is not necessary that you will get love from your own people. You will get it unexpectedly from strangers as well. Do not despise/hate anyone out of your prejudices. Love all and expect love from all.

Mikali and his Brother

Mikali was one of the refugees in a camp in Marseilles, France. He had fled from his native land of Armenia. While everyone managed to find a work and live better, Mikali alone could not. He had his baby brother to look after.

Mikali lost his mother when the little baby was born. Since then, Mikali carried the baby on his back, in a rug. The problem was, the baby screamed of hunger and this disturbed the other refugees. They were too much disturbed by the screams that they wished the baby to die.

  1. Describe the miserable existence of the refugees.
    The refugees had fled from their mother land Armenia due to conflicts and settled down on the outskirts of Marseilles, France. They lived in camps made up of tents and sheds. Some refugees lived in tents while many unfortunate ones slept in sheds – all shabby and pathetic. Still others, the majority of them, having found nothing better, were sheltered under carpets held up at the four corners by poles. They thought themselves lucky if they could find a sheet to hang up at the sides and to give them a little privacy from peering eyes. When men found work and hunger was brought down, they felt almost at home.
  2. Who was Mikali? Why was he different from all the others in the camp?
    Mikali was one of the Armenian refugees in the Marseilles camp. While everyone could earn a living in and around Marseilles, Mikali alone could do nothing. He ate the bread which his neighbors cared to offer but he was already conscious of the trouble he was causing them. Although he was a big boy of fourteen, healthy and robust, Mikali could not find a work because he had to carry his own little brother – a baby whose mother died at the time of its birth. He had to carry his brother all the while.
  3. How did the baby’s persistent cries add weight to Mikali’s existence?
    Since its birth, which had caused his mother’s death, Mikali’s little brother cried continuously. It was hungry, it was a motherless baby so it needed breast-milk. Although Mikali was able to do work for a living for the two of them, no one gave him any work because of the baby. Even the other Armenians chased the two of them away. They were unable to bear the uninterrupted howls which kept them awake at night. Mikali himself was dazed by these cries. His head was empty and he wandered about like a lost soul, dying from lack of sleep and weariness, always dragging about with him the deafening burden that had been born for his misfortune.
Mikali is out for Some Breast-Milk

Mikali went to a place where the baby could get some breast-milk but on seeing the baby’s zombie look, the women chased Mikali away – cursing the baby, calling it Devil. Mikali himself was scared of the baby’s appearance. He was full of dread (fear) that a monstrous baby lay on his back yet he didn’t abandon the little one.

When Mikali sat down and wept (cried), a Chinese man (his angel!) came for help. Although no one liked this Chinese man and the toys he sold, Mikali decided to go with him. Following the Chinese man, Mikali reaches his home. There he meets the man’s wife – a little woman and a his baby, a pretty one. Thereafter the man asked his wife to breast-feed the baby. Like the other women, the Chinese woman cringed back at the sight of the baby but she grabbed the baby and fed it.

  1. What was the society’s reaction to the two brothers?
    The society was itself in endless suffering. They were refugees who had lost their dear ones and their address. Everybody listened to the howling of the baby with irritation. Surrounded by their own endless sufferings, they all pitifully wished the baby would die. The distracted men and women stuffed their ears and Mikali went away from them like a drunken man. They had sympathy for the two brothers but there was no one in a position to feed the baby a little milk.
  2. What for did Mikali go to the camp of the Anatolians?
    Mikali had been told that there was a nursing mother there who might take pity on his baby brother. He went there full of hope.
  3. What was the condition of the Anatolians?
    Now the story becomes more emotional to the reader. Let’s see what happens to Mikali and his brother. Will they survive? Will some God-man come to their rescue? Click Here and Learn All.

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    Nice story

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