College of Advanced Studies in Psychology
New Delhi – 22
Email –

1st July 2017

The Dean of Studies
Nehru College of Psychiatric Studies
33 B, Rajouri Nagar
Delhi – 12

Subject – Reference letter for internship


I am writing this letter to recommend my student, Sunaina Singh, a fresh graduate from our psychology section, to your prestigious college for her internship.

I would like to assert that Sunaina has been one of the most dedicated and result oriented student throughout. During the three years of her academic tenure here, she excelled in every field of study and proved to be the most eligible to pursue further studies.

[Provide examples that support your recommendation.]

[Close the letter by summarizing your recommendation and stating whether you would be willing to further communicate with the recipient.]

Sincerely yours,

Leela Ram
(Professor, Advanced Studies in Psychology)

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