Formal Invitations

Yes, writing an invitation has become a little difficult these days. This is because now we have got hundreds of occasions and ceremonies – birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, jubilees, send-offs, receptions, public programs, inaugurations, etc.

Sample Invitations

Mr. & Mrs. Smiths
cordially solicit your benign presence
on the occasion of the marriage of their daughter

(s/o Mr. & Mrs. Fernandes)

on Monday, 21st March, 2018 at

Mount Everest Hotel, New Delhi


07 30 PM – Temple Services
08 00 Reception of the Bridegroom
(Followed by Dinner & Music Concert)

Mr. Gopal Fernandez
91 – 98×1122334

With Best Complements from
Friends and staff of ANC Chemicals, New Delhi.

A detailed route-map overleaf

Founder’s Day

The Principal, staff and students of
Townvale Public School
cordially invite your presence on the occasion of the

Founder’s Day

on 21st December, 2012, Monday,
from 05.00 pm to 09.00 pm at
King’s Stadium, Model Town.

Honorable E M Sridharan

will be our proud guest of honor for the day.

Charles Frost
Asst. Principal

(Kindly be seated before 4.50.
This invitation admits only three people)
A detailed rout map is overleaf.

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Wedding Invitation 2

Mrs. and Mr. Ashok Jain
cordially solicit your benign presence
on the auspicious occasion of the marriage of their son

(D/o Mrs. and Mr. Sameer Phogat)

on the 23rd of April, 2012, Monday, evening at
Rajouri Park Hotel, Rajouri Garden, Delhi.


Baraat : 08:30
Grand Dinner : 11:30

RSVP 011-223344

Best Complements from
Mahesh, Peter and Pinku

Inviting a Dignitary 1

Lord Budha School
Silver Lane, Dispur – 88

12March 2017

Subject – Invitation to grace the occasion of school’s anniversary celebrations.


Principal of Lord Buddha School, Dispur, cordially invites Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Honorable Prime Minister, to the closing day celebrations of the school’s 300th Anniversary in the month of December, preferably in the second half of the month. The entire school hopes that the honorable Prime Minister would definitely keep a part of his very precious time for this noble cause and appreciate an early reply from his office.

Yours sincerely
Ms. Sukanya, Principal

Accepting the Invitation

Prime Minister’s Office
North Avenue

12th March, 20xx

Subject – Reply to your invitation


Mr. Rahul Gandhi feels privileged to be invited to inaugurate the closing day celebrations of the 300th Anniversary of Lord Buddha School, Gaya. With cheers for the programs, he accepts the invitation and confirms his availability from 2 pm to 5 pm, Saturday, 12 March.

Principal Secretary

Reply – Declining

Reply – Accepting

Prime Minister’s Office
North Avenue

12th March, 20xx

Subject – Reply to your invitation


Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the honorable Prime Minister feels privileged to be invited to inaugurate the closing day celebrations of the 300th Anniversary of Lord Buddha School, Gaya. He would have been equally glad to accept the invitation but he deeply regrets his unavailability due to a foreign program in the same month. However, he wishes all success for the program.

Principal Secretary

Inviting a Dignitary 2

Director’s Office
Claudia Enterprises
Third Avenue

27 March, 2017

The Secretary
Kiddingtown International
Bangalore 12

Subject – Regarding consent to inaugurate Seminar

Dear Mr. Chauhan

Thank you for your invitation dated 1 March asking the undersigned to inaugurate the seminar on the Role of Young Scientists in the scientific progress of our country. I feel happy to convey my consent to inaugurate the seminar and to interact with young scientists of your school.

Yours truly,
Claudia Xavier

Declining an Invitation

You are Mr. Rajendra Nagpal. Having received an invitation from Chennai Books to inaugurate its commemoration of 25 Years of Growth, you feel pretty confused and helpless about accepting the invitation because you will be out of town during December. Write a reply to Chennai Books explaining the situation and expressing your willingness if the program could be organized in November or January. (Letter Style)

12/B, Adayar Street
Chennai – 221

January, 2017

Chennai Books
Chennai – 11

Subject – Regarding your Invitation


Mr. Rajendra Nagpal expresses his heart-felt gratitude for your kind invitation to inaugurate the company’s 25 years of growth to be held on 25th January, 2017, Monday at the Chennai Stadium Complex. Unfortunately Mr. Nagpal will have to be out of town for a prearranged program on this auspicious day. However, he will be glad to accept the invitation if the program could be rescheduled three days earlier or five days later.

Mr. Rajendra Nagpal

Styling a Formal Invitation
Follow these simple steps before you attempt a question on invitation.
  1. Formal Invitation are generally sent on occasions such as grand weddings, anniversaries and mass functions involving a big crowd of invitees.
  2. Formal Invitations are sent to individuals for a less grand function such as a formal wedding anniversary, formal alumni meeting, etc. In this kind of invitation, we write, “Mr. Arvind Malhotra cordially seeks the pleasure of Mr. and Mrs. Singh, on the auspicious occasion of….”
  3. Write as if it is written by a third person. It is not, “I and my wife invite you to our son’s wedding” but, “Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra cordially solicit the presence of Mr. and Mrs….”
  4. What kind of invitation is in question?
    • Formal Printed Invitations – Card Format
    • Formal invitations – Letter Format
    • Formal replies – Accepting and Declining
    • Informal Invitations – Letter format
    • Informal Replies
  5. After deciding the kind of invitation in question, decide the format.
Dos and Donts.
  • Do not use I, we, and you and their other forms.
  • Follow the letter format with from address and date but no need to write salutation such as, dear, sir, etc.
  • Begin with the host’s name, such as, “Mr. Peter is glad to invite Mr. Alexander…”
  • For invitations inviting dignitaries as judges or chief guests, it is just a single paragraph.
  • No I, We, You. Only Third Persons
  • Write inside a box.

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