There are a number of structures for writing IELTS Writing Task 2. The one given below is argumentative structure. In this structure, you will be given 2 opposing arguments from which you have to choose one and support it. Follow the structure given below and write your answers:
  • Make a wise choice.
  • Give as many reasons to support your choice.
  • Give supportive examples (not from your experience!)
  • Give a few reasons for your not supporting the other choice.
  • A few disadvantages of your choice.
  • Conclusion.
1. Some people think that reading on a mobile device is easier than reading books and magazines? What is your personal opinion?
Make a wise choice.
Yes / No
Today reading habit has undergone a lot of changes, especially after the arrival of mobile phones. Earlier, people had to read in a book, magazine or in a newspaper but today the reading habits… In my opinion, reading on a mobile phone is far better and practical than reading from a book.
Give as many reasons to support your choice.
One of the most notable reasons is that people do not have time to sit and read from a book. With life style changes across the world, people do not carry books and newspapers in their hands. However, everyone carries a mobile phone, even into their toilets. 
Give supportive examples (not from your experience!)
Facts & Lies
As per a recent Swedish survey, more than 80% youngsters and more than 56% adults prefer to read from e-books that are available on mobile phones and tablets.
Give a few reasons for your not supporting the other choice.
On the contrary, reading from a book or newspaper has become a thing of the past. World Health Center says that man’s shift from paper to celluloid has saved more than a billion trees in the last ten years and that clearly indicates the need to encourage reading on mobile phones.
A few disadvantages of your choice and their solutions.
However, reading on a mobile phone for a long period of time strains one’s eyes. It also invites dangerous cancers in turn. This can be solved only by upgrading to radiation-free devices and protective glasses.
To sum up, the habit of reading books and other useful information on a mobile phone deserves prime recognition and encouragement. This is a way to save the earth and to carry on with our thirst for knowledge in the changing world. 
2. Working for the country that educated you or for a country that will pay you better?
It is an irrefutable fact that people are on a fast move from one country to another in search of a better life-standard. In my opinion, one can make a choice between whether he should work for the country he received education or for a country he will get better paid because in both cases he is ultimately working for himself. (Continue and Complete)
3. Going for a long, brisk walk or workout at a gym to stay fit?
4. Should politicians be highly educated persons or anyone who can sway (influence) the crowd?
5. Advantages and inconvenience of cultivating vegetables and fruits for home-use.


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