Topic 2Subject – Verb – Object
“Most people does not understand this.” Most people do not understand this. Most people is plural so we use V1 (first form of the verb) with a plural noun or pronoun.
“Money have a great force in the society.” Money has a great force in the society. Money is a singular noun so it is followed by has.
The effort we put in to achieve our goals do not equal the outcome. The effort we put in to achieve our goals does not equal the outcome. Effort (singular) = does not.

If the subject of the sentence is singular, the verb will be either has, is, was, does, comes, goes, thinks, works, etc.
Have you noticed each such verb has an S! Is it not wonderful? Singular begins with S!

Learn all about Subject – IELTS Based Verb Agreement

Topic 3Subjects

Subjects are either nouns or pronouns. There are two kinds of subjects:

  1. Subject that does an action.
  2. Subject that is the ‘subject matter’ of the sentence.

As I said, subjects are either nouns or pronouns.

Nouns as Subjects


  • People
  • Most people
  • Children and adolescents
  • Many universities
Pronouns as Subjects
  • They
  • He or she
  • It
  • We (Seldom used in IELTS writing)
  • You (IELTS writing doesn’t honor you and we although speaking does)
Topic 4Verbs & Tense
Topic 5Describing Words
Topic 6Articles – A, an, the
Topic 7Connecting Words
Topic 8Position Words
Wait & Read as the Quizzes Load

We are introducing a series of quiz-based activities to enhance your English grammar. Grammar is not one of the 4 modules of IELTS or PTE but a grammar deficient candidate cannot make much breakthrough. Take these quizzes and see how well your grammar improves! Here is a brief instruction to easily attempt each quiz.

Quiz Submission Dialogue
  1. Attempt each question until you reach the end of the quiz.
  2. “Submit” the quiz. In some cases you may be prompted to provide your personal credentials.
  3. Once you have submitted, you will see the Quiz Submission Dialogue box.
  4. Click the link and reach the submission page.
  5. Scroll down the submission page and check your score and comments.

Quiz Word Reorder

Reordering words in their proper order is a great exercise to check our language skills. If you scored a high score in this quiz, your grammar strength is high.


Quiz Connectors

Quiz Connectors

Connectors are connecting words ranging from words such as and, but, yet, because, since, etc to however, on the other hand, in spite of, etc. For IELTS (OET and PTE as well), Connectors are very important. Your skill to use optimum number of connectors wins you such score as those you score with the use of good vocabulary and neat grammar.

Here is a quiz for you.


Quiz Articles

Quiz Articles

Articles are very frequently used in English. As you know, there are only 3 articles in English. They are a, an and the.

  1. A means one.
  2. An also means one.
  3. The means “that particular one we have already mentioned.”

Take this quiz.


Quiz Subject – Verb Agreement

40% of IELTS grammar errors fall in this section. Subject should agree with the verb and that is a rule. Let’s check how well your subjects agree with their verbs.

Quiz Subject – Verb Agreement

Quiz Tense
Error Tense

Most IELTStuds commit tense-related errors. The following are the 10 most common errors they commit.

People are earn a lot of money but they are not use that. People earn a lot of money but they do not use that.  
Quiz Tense


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