General Writing Task 1 – Letters
Question 1
Write a letter to the Manager, Bamboo Hut Restaurant, London – WC2N 5DU, complaining the poor hygiene. Being a regular customer of the Restaurant you are pained to see the sudden drop in hygiene. You are Andee Willy, 4 Holy Cross Apartments, WoodLock Road, London – WC2N 5DU.

4 Holy Cross Apartments
WoodLock Road
London – WC2N 5DU

12 March 2018

The Manager
Bamboo Hut Restaurant
London – WC2N 5DU

Subject – Dropping hygiene inside your hotel

Dear Sir

I am a frequent visitor to your restaurant. I have dined from here over a hundred times since 2016. I still frequent this place because the food is better than most of the hotels in South London.

However, I am writing this letter to bring to your notice a serious matter regarding the quality of food served here. The first of an instance of dropping hygiene was noticed by my colleague a month ago. He had been here on my reference. He said that he could not approve of the physical hygiene of the guy who had served him food. The man had long loose hair and unclean teeth. He had left the restaurant in great embarrassment. On the following day I personally noticed that the chicken tasted bad and the soup hadn’t been properly made. In addition to the aforesaid discrepancies, the tables and chairs retain an altogether filthy look.

Yours truly,
Andee Willy

Task 1 Questions
Question 1
On 23rd of this month you received a letter from your banker informing you about its sending you your ATM Card which you had applied for a week ago. However, on opening the envelop, you found that the ATM Card has been issued to an account holder Cicily Sheldon. Write a letter to the Manager, ABI Bank, bringing this error to his/her notice. You are Sicily Bernard, 2/3, Lizard’s Enclave, Northland – CA
Question 2

You are Ishan Aggarwal, a resident of 77, Park View Villas, Leema Waterfalls, Florida – 33. Write a letter of complaint to your neighbor Sam Issac, 71, Park View Villas regarding the extreme disturbance caused by the loud speakers that his family plays at night. You are an insomniac taking medicines for the past many years and now the noises have got into your nerves very much that you have not slept for three days.

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