Right from our junior classes, we have been taught how women are discriminated in the society and how they don’t get their equal rights but in today’s world, the picture has lost some old color and got some new. Women no longer have to fight for their rights. On the contrary, now they rule the world. They no longer are the victims of discrimination. In fact, men have fallen prey to such issues as discrimination. The beginning stage of something worse than Apartheid!

Every family teaches a girl to keep a distance from boys , every Bollywood movie gives us a message that all boys are equally evil and detestable. In India we have stooped down the reputation of males. We teach our younger females that men are evil and wicked. We teach them to hate males. But where lies the truth?

Female Domination

India has created a very negative image of males. Media and feminist groups have exaggerated the human errors – I don’t include all those deliberate attempts by a group of men and women to molest women – committed by men and boys. This has in turn left a significant impact on the image of the male. Every Indian girl or woman has a negative mindset for boys. They prefer to stay away from them and think that men are to be feared and hated and believe that there should a constant check on them.


Usually girls crib over the fact that they are girls. They think that it’s too much fun to be a boy. But seeing today’s changing image, it’s exactly the opposite. Boys no longer have any advantage of being a male. CAT, which is the largest management examination across India , gives a girl an advantage of 30 marks. All the known engineering and medical institutions have reserved seats for girls. Our parliament has some 5% seats reserved for women. If a girl slaps a boy in a public place then people make an assumption that it must be the boys’s mistake and gather around to ensure their help to the girl in time and if a boy slaps a girl then also people gather around to make sure that the girl is safe and doesn’t need any help.

Is this what is called equality? If we talk about equality and I think first we must learn it’s actual meaning. It does not mean giving women an equal status and power but instead, it means giving both men and women equal advantages. And if we talk about safety then yes women have been given enough attention and protection to ensure their safety. Now is the time to support and take a stand against the wrong perception made by the society about its male populace. So wake up, either it’s now or never, fight for their rights who actual need it.

Blame the Media?

It’s not just at individual or just at family level but also at national level. Wrong messages are being spread by the media. We have a habit of trusting whatever comes in the news or the newspaper but a very few of us actually give a thought to the fact that it might be fake. If a murder or rape case is being covered by only one news channel or only one particular newspaper, then can’t it be fake? They fake a news just to gain popularity and increase their circulation but the harm they cause is irreversible to some extent. Wake up, brothers before it is too late!


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