PreColonial & Colonial India
  1. What was Indian economy like before the British conquest?
    1. Agriculture
    2. Trade
    3. Handicraft Industries
  2. Aspects of Colonial Rule
  3. Evolution of Colonial Rule
  4. Impact of the Western rule – Western Viewpoint
  5. Impact of the Western rule – India WViewpoint
  6. What is known as the Drain Theory?
  7. What was de-Industrialization?
  8. What were the phases of the colonial rule in India?
  9. Agriculture under colonial rule
    1. New land settlements.
    2. Commercialization of Agriculture?
    3. Impact of colonialization on agriculture?
  10. Role of the Colonial State.
  11. Indian National Movement
    1. Rise of a National ‘Feeling!’
    2. Centralized administration and Economic Unification
    3. Printing Press
    4. Communication Channels
    5. New System of Education
    6. Discriminatory character of British rule
  12. Early phase of the Indian national movement
    1. Early political associations
    2. Formation of Indian National Congress
    3. Moderates and Extremists
  13. Swadeshi Movement
  14. Emergence of Gandhiji
  15. Non-Cooperation and Khilafat Movements
  16. Civil Disobedience Movement
  17. Quit India Movement
  18. Other Movements
    1. Revolutionary Terrorist Movements
    2. Peasant Movements
    3. Workers’ Movement
    4. People’s Movement in Princely States
Post-Independence India – Continuity and Change.
  1. Legacy of Nationalist Movement
  2. Legacy of Struggle for Economic Development
    1. British Legacy
    2. Colonial Legacy
      1. Continuity
      2. Change
    3. Colonial State
  3. Legacy of Secularism
  4. Legacy of Internationalism
Emerging Challenges
  1. British Legacy
  2. Communalism and other Tensions
  3. Regionalism
  4. Regional Imbalance
  5. Economic Problems
  6. Education
  7. Democratic Institions

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