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Mother & Daughter

  • Mother – Marie, wait! Don’t you think you have crossed your limits in taking leave from your college? I have been waiting to make a note of that.
  • Marie – In a matter of fact, yes, darling. This appears to be the fifth leave I have already taken this month.
  • Mother – How cool about that! And darling, haven’t I warned you enough not to address your mom ‘darling?’ And for heaven’s sake, speak not like a seventeenth century writer.
  • Marie – Curious that I hear speak like that! When did that ever occur to your mind that I am offending you by calling darling? About my language being a little medieval, I can’t help that.
  • Mother – You can’t help that? I often hear you speak the most decent and modern English to your friends. Haven’t I? I know at the bottom of it, you flaunt, you put on a genius’ robe in the family… only to…
  • Marie – Only to impress everyone, eh? Darling, mom, what is wrong with you? Well, I shall be holding my tongue next time when the ghost of Shakespeare press me hard.

Customer & Waiter

  • Waiter – Good morning, Sir. How may I assist you?
  • Customer – It’s quite chilling inside. See how it has frozen me.
  • Waiter – Really sorry, Sir. The temperature has been set too low. God! It is minus temperature.
  • Customer – Minus? Oh, my God! Please set it alright before I die and bring me some soup, bread and Indian style roti and paneer.
  • Waiter – I am again sorry, Sir, but we do not make anything Indian. We have only Western food here.
  • Customer – Really? What on earth are you saying? I drove thirty miles to eat Indian food. Your ads still claim that you have over 20 Indian cuisines.
  • Waiter – May I tell you, Sir. I am afraid you have gotten into the wrong address.
  • Customer – How foolish of me! Is it not Bharat Hotel?
  • Waiter – Indeed, no, Sir. Bharat Hotel is at Brat Street, a mile from here, down the Rain Mill Avenue. I suggest you take a cab and rush to Bharat Hotel right now.
  • Customer – Oops! How silly of me! Sorry for the trouble, Mister. Have a nice day.
  • Waiter – Have a wonderful meal, Sir!

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