News Report – Accidents

Here are samples and questions for news reports for students and journalists. None of the news is real. Study each sample and attempt as many questions as possible. In case you need more help, go to News Report. Sample 1 Guwahati Express Derails at Faridabad. 20 Die, many injured. Amit Gupta, Hindustan Times FCC Faridabad, […]

News Report Writing

Report writing is probably the most skillful writing section. Unlike the paragraph writing, article writing and even a speech writing, “a news report means less than it says.” It is kind of exaggeration and a little practical lies. The primary focus of writing news stories is to make everything appear present. An old news has […]

Magazine Reports

5 Things you should know about Magazine Reports: A magazine report needn’t be as sensational-looking and “breaking” as a news report. Paragraph One What happened – The residential association conducted a debate competition to boost the speaking skills… When happened – The seminar was held on the 4th of October, Friday, from 12pm to 4pm… […]
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