Education can bring about a mindset revolution in India – Somya Sharma, Heritage School

Someone has rightly said that an educated people is one that lives with great understanding and acceptance. Using this yardstick, how educated is India? Or, has education been able to change the mindset of an average Indian? From all that I know from reading and learning, I think education has done its bit to change […]

Debate Writing

You will learn the skill of debating and debate writing with examples, formats, dos and donts. The most important thing is, debate is an argument with facts known and unknown to the other speakers and the audience. If the speaker doesn’t have deep knowledge of topic, there are chances of defeat. To overcome such a […]

The 3Ls of Empowerment – Christine Lagarde

Meaning of the title 3 Ls – Learning, labour and leadership. 3ls of Empowerment – Thrills of empowerment Bit/Bits Women are not contributing to a nation’s development because she has been under restrictions. By providing her opportunities is with Learning, Labour and Leadership, this crisis can be controlled. Sample Answers What does the African adage (saying) mean, […]

Speech – Urbanization

Good morning, teachers and dear friends. Today, I would like to speak on the topic, urbanization. Urbanization refers to shifting of people from rural areas to urban areas or, in simple words, converting a village into a city. Surveys have revealed that more than a million Indian villages have become towns and cities since 1950. Among them […]
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