News Report – Accidents

Here are samples and questions for news reports for students and journalists. None of the news is real. Study each sample and attempt as many questions as possible. In case you need more help, go to News Report. Sample 1 Guwahati Express Derails at Faridabad. 20 Die, many injured. Amit Gupta, Hindustan Times FCC Faridabad, […]

Informal Invitation

Informal invitations are drafted for the following occasions: On the occasion of a birthday On the occasion of your parents’ wedding anniversary On the occasion of your sister’s engagement/ring ceremony/wedding On the occasion of a party that throw to welcome your old friends home Format Begin with sender’s address, date, receiver’s address Salutation of your […]

Education can bring about a mindset revolution in India – Somya Sharma, Heritage School

Someone has rightly said that an educated people is one that lives with great understanding and acceptance. Using this yardstick, how educated is India? Or, has education been able to change the mindset of an average Indian? From all that I know from reading and learning, I think education has done its bit to change […]

Message Writing

A message is a way to communicate with someone who cannot be reached via phone, email or met personally. Suppose you are all alone at home and someone calls your mom or dad or someone on phone. Now you attend the call and receive a very important message for your mom, dad or that someone. […]

Data Interpretation

Beginning The graph above discusses/analyses the changing trends of clothing among women in London.. The twin graphs below give a clear picture of the electricity demand and its varied areas of consumption in London. From the graph above, one learns about the alarming rate of population in India during 1990s and 2010s. Comparison In the year […]
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