Board Exams 2017-18

Welcome to Board Exams 2017-18. Remember, this page is professionally written by teachers who have deep and professional knowledge in the subjects. Visit this page regularly to get updated. Read, Learn & Complete each day’s Assignments. You can trust each word. Before you Read further: The secret of scoring lies not only in content but also […]

Exam Pack 09 English CBSE

How I Taught my Grandmother to Read Keywords Background – Karnataka; Time – 1950s; Author – Sudha Murthy; Grandmother’s name – Krishtakka; Name of the magazine – Karmaveera; Name of the novel – Kaashi Yatre (By Triveni); Characters in Kaashi Yaatre; Old lady; Orphan Girl; Deadline for learning – Durga Pooja; Sudha’s gift for Grandmother […]
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