Reading Comprehension – Poetry

Once upon a time a frog Croaked away in Bingle Bog Every night from dusk to dawn He croaked awn and awn and awn. Other creatures loathed his voice, But, alas, they had no choice, And the crass cacophony Blared out from the sumac tree At whose foot the frog each night Minstrelled on till […]

Reading – Ground Level

1.1 Once upon a time there lived a frog in a jungle called Bingle Bog. It was a bad, irritating frog. It croaked throughout the night from the hollow of a sumac tree. Inhabitants of Bingle Bog – animals, reptiles and birds – felt angry with the frog because of his loud, metallic and irritating song […]

Key Ideas – Reading Practice

Read the following paragraphs carefully and pick one out of the four options that best describe the paragraphs. Read very carefully. Often more than one option can look similar so you should be careful. Questions If people talk to you rudely, you need not talk back rudely. It is either anger or helplessness that make […]

A Letter to all CBSE English Teachers

Dear Teachers, This letter specially concerns you because you are the hope of a million students who have been being trained by school teachers like you and by their educated parents, experienced tutors and guides. Considering the diversity of teachers and similar sources of information, it is critically significant that you be informed of the […]
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