Correct Word

Select the Correct Word Callibration Calibration Celibration Calibrration Select the Correct Word Consequences Conssequences Consequeences Consequances Select the Correct Word Courrtesy Courtesy Courttesy Courtesie Select Correct Word Exercisse Excercise Exercisee Exercise Select Correct Word: Excesive Excessive Exccesive Exceseve Select Correct Word Beenefited Benefited Beneffited Benefyted Select Correct Word Physiology Phisyology Physiollogy Phesiology Select Correct Word […]

One Word Substitution

A Adolescence – Stage of growth between boyhood and youth. Abattoir – A place where animals are slaughtered for the market Amputation – Act of cutting an organ of body by surgery. Amphibian – An animal that lives on land and water. Ambiguous – A word that has different interpretation. Alien – Someone who resides in […]


galleon a large square-rigged sailing ship with three or more masts galvanic pertaining to electric current by chemical action gastronomy the art and practice of preparing and eating good food germination the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow gesticulate show, express, or direct through movement ghoulish suggesting the horror of death […]


facetious – cleverly amusing in tone facsimile – an exact copy or reproduction Fahrenheit – of or relating to a temperature scale proposed by the inventor of the mercury thermometer fallacious – containing or based on incorrect reasoning familiarize – make knowledgeable about or accustomed to farcical – broadly or extravagantly humorous fascinate attract; cause […]


ecstatic – feeling great rapture or delight effectual – producing or capable of producing an intended result emaciated – very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold embezzlement – the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property embroider – decorate with needlework emphasize – stress or single out as important encyclopaedia – a reference work […]


decadent – marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay deceitful – marked by deliberate deceptiveness defamatory – harmful and often untrue; tending to discredit or malign deficient – inadequate in amount or degree deference – courteous regard for people’s feelings deliberation – careful consideration delinquent – a young offender delirious – experiencing hallucinations demeanor – […]


camisole – a short sleeveless undergarment for women caricature – a representation of a person exaggerated for comic effect castigate – inflict severe punishment on cataract – disease that involves the clouding of the lens of the eye cathartic – emotionally purging ceremonious – characterized by pomp and stately display cessation – a stopping chagrin […]


ballistics – the science of flight dynamics baluster – one of a number of closely spaced supports for a railing benefactress – a woman benefactor benevolent – showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding benumbed – lacking sensation biennial – occurring every second year boisterous – full of rough and exuberant animal spirits bourgeois – […]


Abbacy – The jurisdiction or office of an abbot Usage – Extremely Rare Synonyms Vicarage Parsonage Monastery Ashram Abandon – Leave someone or something and move away. How to memorize? Bandan in Hindi means ‘bond’ or relation. A + Bandan = “Break the relation”  Synonym Give up Forsake Relinquish Antonyms Retain Stay with Abase – Discourage; humiliate; […]

100 Words for BBA

Factotum – An employee or official who has various different responsibilities to handle. Retainer, Servant, Workaholic, Odd-job person Medicine Panacea – Elixir – Catholicon – A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases; Medicine, Remedy, Treatment, Cure, Drug Nostrum – A medicine prepared by an unqualified person, especially one that is not considered effective. Liturgy […]
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