Tense Exercise

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. When you ___ (a. turn/turns) left from the next crossing, you ___ (b. will find/will finds) an old man ___ (c. sell/selling) fruits. Just ___ (d. ask/asks/asking) him if he ___ (e. know/knows) Tom. He ___ (f. know/knows) Tom but he never […]

Irregular Verb Forms

The following are the most commonly used irregular verbs. The list is pretty longer but you have NO choice. Arise – Arose – Arisen Awake – Awoke – Awoken Bear – Bore – Born/Borne Beat – Beat – Beaten Become – Became – Become Begin – Began – Begun Bend – Bent – Bent Bet […]

Verbs – Actions

Look at the following sentences. Peter flies kites. Peter walks home every evening. Peter writes good poems. The underlined words are the actions that Peter does. Verbs are actions we do with hands (flies), with legs (walks) and with hands (writes). There are other kinds of verbs too: Peter loves kites. Peter knows how to make kites. […]

Integrated Grammar Practice – CBSE

Attempt the following integrated grammar practice questions for high-school students. The sections include editing, omission, gap filling, rearranging jumbled sentences to test your knowledge of passive voice, reported speech, articles and the other determiners, modals, tense, etc. Editing Editing means you have to find out an incorrect word from each line and replace it with […]

Verbs : Finite and Non-Finite

Finite verbs change with tense but non-finite verbs do not change. Subject finite Verb non-finite Verb Object I like playing piano. She likes playing piano. They will like playing piano. My dad liked playing piano Listen, the following are the five forms of a verb: Eat (Present) Eats (Present) Ate (Past) Eaten (Participle) Eating (Continuous/ING) […]
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