Kinds of Sentences Assertive Sentences Rules Begin with a noun or pronoun. Often begin with a preposition. Very rarely begin with conjunctions. Ends with a full-stop (•) Examples Old age is the best time in everyone’s life. On 23rd March Mr. John died. If you demand more freedom, you will get it. Interrogative Sentences Rules […]

Subject and Predicate

Subject, Verb, Object Sam sells newspapers. (Sam – Noun) My father writes novels. (My – pronoun; Father – Noun) India respects all countries.  A subject is the one who does the action or who is spoken about whereas a Predicate is the rest of the sentence. I came late for the party. We friends played till the […]

Unjumble – Reorder – Rearrange

A sentence is a collection of words that make a definite sense. A jumbled sentence is, however, a sentence but it doesn’t make any sense. The best practice to master “unjumbling” or “reordering” is to begin with breaking a sentence. By doing so, you will be able to know what happens to a sentence when […]
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