Nouns – Number

Take any noun, say, BOY. We say, “there is a boy in the garden.” What do we say if there more than one BOY? “There are some boys in the garden.” Boy is the singular or single or ONE and Boys is plural or more than one. Like we have made the plural of boy by adding […]

One Word Substitution

One who is not sure about God’s existence – Agnostic A person who deliberately sets fire to a building – Arsonist One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession – Amateur One who can use either hand with ease – Ambidextrous One who makes an official examination of accounts – Auditor […]

Pronouns – Instead of Nouns

Look at this paragraph Sam is my friend. Sam loves cooking. Sam’s father is an IAS officer. Sam’s mother in a teacher in a very reputed school in Bangalore. Sam’s mother loves Sam more that Sam’s father does. And now look at this sentence Sam is my friend. He loves cooking. His father is an […]
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