Most Confusing Grammar Rules

Definite & Indefinite Adjectives Definite One, two, three… First, second, third, last Indefinite Some, most, more, many, several, few, little Definite & Indefinite Pronouns Definite Pronouns I, we, you, they, he, she, it This, that, these, those, such Indefinite Pronouns Anybody, Anyone, Anything, Each, Either, Everybody, Everyone, Everything, Neither, Nobody, No one, Nothing, One – […]

Adverbs – Added to the Verb!

An adverb is a word describes a verb or action. Take an example – RUN. You can run in so many manners, at various places, at different time, in different degree and at different frequency: Run FAST (Manner) Run HASTILY (Manner) Run here (Place) Run later (Time) Run always (Frequency) Run carefully (Purpose) Adverbs of Manner describe how something happens. Where […]
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