Synonyms & Antonyms

Synonyms – Similar Quiet – Calm Ordinary – Common Foolish – Silly Commence – Begin Safety – Security Reason – Cause Forbid – Prohibit Gift – Present Elegant – Graceful Trust – Confidence Envious – Jealous Fetch – Bring Entire – Complete Amaze – Surprise Antique – Ancient Try – Attempt Exact – Accurate Permit […]


List 1 “Sweet are the uses of adversity.” Meaning – Misfortunes have their own advantages which can be painful and gainful. “Rahul, don’t worry about this defeat. You will definitely win in the next election. Sweet are the uses of adversity.” The soft answer turneth (turns) away wrath (anger). Meaning – A gentle reply helps […]


List One With open arms. With great love and enthusiasm. To keep someone at arm’s length Avoid being friendly. To breed bad blood. To create hatred among people. To bring to book. To bring to justice. To nip in the bud. To stop something in the very beginning. Bury the hatchet. To forget the past […]

Irregular Verb Forms

The following are the most commonly used irregular verbs. The list is pretty longer but you have NO choice. A Arise – Arose – Arisen Awake – Awoke – Awoken B Bear – Bore – Born/Borne Beat – Beat – Beaten Become – Became – Become Begin – Began – Begun Bend – Bent – […]
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