Tense Exercise

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. When you ___ (a. turn/turns) left from the next crossing, you ___ (b. will find/will finds) an old man ___ (c. sell/selling) fruits. Just ___ (d. ask/asks/asking) him if he ___ (e. know/knows) Tom. He ___ (f. know/knows) Tom but he never […]


Kinds of Sentences Assertive Sentences Rules Begin with a noun or pronoun. Often begin with a preposition. Very rarely begin with conjunctions. Ends with a full-stop (•) Examples Old age is the best time in everyone’s life. On 23rd March Mr. John died. If you demand more freedom, you will get it. Interrogative Sentences Rules […]

Synonyms & Antonyms

Synonyms – Similar Quiet – Calm Ordinary – Common Foolish – Silly Commence – Begin Safety – Security Reason – Cause Forbid – Prohibit Gift – Present Elegant – Graceful Trust – Confidence Envious – Jealous Fetch – Bring Entire – Complete Amaze – Surprise Antique – Ancient Try – Attempt Exact – Accurate Permit […]


List 1 “Sweet are the uses of adversity.” Meaning – Misfortunes have their own advantages which can be painful and gainful. “Rahul, don’t worry about this defeat. You will definitely win in the next election. Sweet are the uses of adversity.” The soft answer turneth (turns) away wrath (anger). Meaning – A gentle reply helps […]
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