Exam Pack 6 – Srijan School, Delhi

Final Exam 7 March, 2018 Syllabus Reading Section – 20 Unseen Passage Poem Writing Sections Picture Composition Diary Formal Letter Grammar Section – 20 Nouns Subject – Verb Agreement Articles (a, an, the) Punctuations Pronouns Adjectives Reported Speech Adverbs Conjunctions Prepositions Tenses (Present & Past) Literature Sections Quality The Rosewel UFO Incident The Canterville Ghost […]

Exam Pack 8 – New Oxford Modern English

Before you Begin… The answers to these tests are available! You can buy them as an eBook shortly before your final exams. All the best. Skimble Shanks You can play no pranks with Skimbleshanks! He’s a Cat that cannot be ignored; So nothing goes wrong on the Northern Mail When Skimbleshanks is aboard. Oh, it’s […]

Exam Pack English 8 – New Pathways

SA 1 The Most Important Person Elephants Raid the Kitchen Can We Change this? Beginning of a Miracle The Merchant of Venice Antonio had as many reasons to hate Shylock as the latter had to hate the former. Discuss. Read more questions @ The Merchant of Venice Story Writing Instructions In the case of hinted-stories, […]

Exam Pack English 7 – New Broadway

SA 1 Grammar Section Article – A, an, the or bare-article She left home after …. lunch and returned home before …… dinner. ….. Ganga and …… Yamuna are two major rivers of India. Some people say that both …… rivers are holy. I don’t understand how …… river can be holy! Well, there are […]
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