Class 9 CBSE

The Road Not Taken – Robert Frost

This poem is not meant to be understood. Anyone who fails to understand this poem understood something of it and anyone who feels like ‘very clear’ has understood nothing of this poem. This poem can be called the most unbreakable riddle in English literature. The following are the riddles: Did 2 roads crisscross at a point […]

Learning the Game – Sachin Tendulkar

Summary Sachin Tendulkar is one of India’s cricketers. In this autobiography, Sachin opens his mind to his world of cricket. From his early childhood he had a passionate love for cricket. Questions and Answers Name two of Sachin’s favorite cricketers whom he tried to emulate/copy in his life? Sunil Gavaskar and Viv Richards were two of […]

8.9 Science CBSE – Motion

Summary Motion is a change of position. It can be described in terms of the distance moved or the displacement. The motion of an object could be uniform or non-uniform depending on whether its velocity is constant or changing. The speed of an object is the distance covered per unit time, and velocity is the […]

The Race – Nisha Punjabi

Summary This wonderful story discusses a common trend in (Indian) families. It is the story of Tarun, a brilliant athlete whose talents were not recognized by his family for a long time. Having felt lost and unwanted, Tarun lived a miserable childhood until he met Ram Narayan, no, until Ram Narayan, a well known coach of his days, met […]
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