11.8 Making of National Movement – 1870 to 1947

When were the early political associations formed? What were their features? Between 1870s and 1880. Led by English-educated professionals such as lawyers. Functioned in specific parts of India but their goals were nationwide. Examples: The Poona Sarvajanik Sabha, The Indian Association The Madras Mahajan Sabha The Bombay Presidency Association. How did the dissatisfaction with British […]

6.8 Human Resources

Human Resource and its Distribution. Why is human resource the ultimate resource? People are a nation’s greatest resource. Nature’s gifts becomes important only when people find it useful. It is people with their demands and abilities that turn them into ‘resources’. Hence, human resource is the ultimate resource. How are human resources distributed over the […]

5.8 Industries

Questions & Answers What is an industry? Give examples for the three basic kinds of industries. Industry refers to an economic activity that is concerned with production of goods, extraction of minerals or the provision of services. Iron and steel industry is an example for production of goods, coal mining industry is an example for […]

8.8 Confronting Marginalization

Selected Questions and Answers How have marginalized communities drawn on Fundamental Rights? List out two ways. By insisting on their fundamental rights, the marginalized communities have forced the government to recognize the injustice done to them. By insisting the government to enforce these laws. In some instances, the struggle of the marginalized have influenced the […]

7.8 Understanding Marginalization

Selected Questions and Answers What does it mean to be socially marginalized? To be marginalized… Who are adivasis/ tribals? Define ‘scheduled tribe.’ Name three surrounding religions that have influenced the adivasis. Explain the religious practices of the adivasis? Very different from H, C, B They practice their own religion They pray to their ancestors, village, […]

4.8 – Agriculture

Primary, secondary & Tertiary Activities What are the three economic activities used to transform a plant to a finished product? Primary activities, Secondary activities Tertiary activities. What are primary activities? What are some examples? Primary activities include all those connected with extraction and production of natural resources. Agriculture, fishing and gathering are good examples. What […]

5.8 Judiciary

What is the role of Judiciary? Courts take decisions on a very large number of issues. They can decide that no teacher can beat a student, or about the sharing of river waters between states, or they can punish people for particular crimes. Broadly speaking, the work that the judiciary does can be divided into […]
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