Communication – Aisha Sherazi

Communication by Aisha Sherazi is a contemporary poem criticizing the twenty-first century life-style. Although communication technology has grown unbelievably fast and sophisticated, there is little communication really happening. The poet warns that this lack of communication can obstruct our peaceful existence on this earth. Stanza 1 Communication Breakdown, What’s happening today? We don’t say what […]

Mr. Bean’s Interview

Rowan Atkinson was working with his friend Richard Curtis, a screen writer. One day Curtis suggested doing the sketch of a man who cannot stay awake. Atkinson agreed and they set the scene in a church in which he had to fall into lap of another person who was listening to a boring sermon. The […]

A Shot in the Dark – Saki (Abridged)

Philip Sletherby Where was Philip Sletherby going? Why was he feeling very happy? Who was Honoria Saltpen Jago? What was the political condition under which Philip Sletherby was wanted by the party managers? Parliament re-election at Chalkshire, The candidate didn’t want to get re-elected, Party managers (leaders) shortlisted Philip Sletherby. In what sense was Honoria […]
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