Class 8 CBSE

6.8 Human Resources

People are a nation’s greatest resource. Nature’s gifts becomes important only when people find it useful. It is people with their demands and abilities that turn them into ‘resources’. Hence, human resource is the ultimate resource. Healthy, educated and motivated people develop resources as per their requirements. Human resources like other resources are not equally […]

2.8 – Reaching the age of Adolescence

Reaching the age of Adolescence presents human growth during adolescence. The change in height, voice, shape. You will also be able to measure an adolescent’s expected height and the maturity changes at puberty. This also your first chapter to know about human reproduction and hormones. Introduction When does a human being start growing into adolescence? […]

5.8 Industries

Questions & Answers What is an industry? Give examples for the three basic kinds of industries. Industry refers to an economic activity that is concerned with production of goods, extraction of minerals or the provision of services. Iron and steel industry is an example for production of goods, coal mining industry is an example for […]
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