Mustache Thievery – Sukumar Ray

Mustache Thievery by Sukumar Ray is generally considered as a non-sense poem. Chief Babu, the head officer in a Bengali firm, was drowsing in his chair when he had a wild dream. He dreamed that Shyambabu’s milk vendor had stolen his mustache! Stanza 1 Head Officer Chief Babu was a very peaceful man– And then he […]

A Retrieved Reformation – O Henry

Jimmy Valentine Leaves the Prison What was Jimmy Valentine’s tenure in the prison? Why was he releases from the prison before his time was up? What were the prison officer’s advice for Jimmy at the time of his release? Why did Jimmy say that ‘he had never broken safes?’ Jimmy Valentine Returns to his Hotel […]

Rain in Summer – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The poet is NOT talking about a winter rain. He is describing a rain that comes in the middle of the summer. Stanza 1 How beautiful is the rain! After the dust and heat, In the broad and fiery street, In the narrow lane, How beautiful is the rain! Meaning Fiery – Hot Lane – A path between two rows of buildings, etc. Questions & Answers Why does the poet say that the rain is […]

Exam Pack Empowering English 7

Term 1 Reading Comprehension At 5 PM a car stopped in front of house number 22. A little man in grey suit opened its driver’s door and stepped out. He lifted his gaze and studied the board by the side of the road. Jim’s Corner, Hoy Street, London. He didn’t look familiar at Hoy Street […]
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