Warfare for Wealth

Summary For centuries, rulers belonging to the Gurjara-Pratihara, Rashtrakuta and Pala dynasties fought for control over Kanauj. Because there were three “parties” in this long-drawn conflict, historians often describe it as the “tripartite struggle.” Rulers built temples to demonstrate their power and resources. The rulers attacked temples because many of them were extremely rich. Sultan […]

6.11 Administration in the Kingdoms

Summary Kings obtained resources from the producers such as peasants, cattle-keepers, artisans, who were often persuaded or compelled to surrender part of what they produced. Sometimes these were claimed as “rent” due to a lord who asserted that he owned the land. Revenue was also collected from traders. Kings used the income to finance their […]

7.2 New Kings and Kingdoms

Many new dynasties emerged after the seventh century. Map 1 shows the major ruling dynasties in different parts of the subcontinent between the seventh and twelfth centuries. Emergence of New Kings Bit/Bits In this chapter, you will study about the kings and new kingdoms in Central-South India in the seventh century and later. The areas […]

Nicobobinus – Terry Jones

This is a story written by Terry Jones. It is the story of a small boy called Nicobobinus and Rosie, his friend. Nicobobinus had certain extraordinary powers but no one knew that except Rosie. In this story, Nicobobinus the two friends go to the land of dragons that opens near an apple tree. Nicobobinus entered a cave and walked […]
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