4.12 Planning

Features & Importance of Planning What is Planning? Planning is deciding what is to be done in the future. It involves anticipation (speculation/guess) of future course of events and deciding the best course of action. What are the features of planning? Planning focuses on achieving objectives. Planning is a primary function of management. Planning is […]

10.12 Financial Markets

Summary Financial Market is a market for creation and exchange of financial assets. It helps in mobilisation (moving) and channelising the savings into most productive uses. Financial markets also help in price discovery and provide liquidity to financial assets. 10.1 Concept of Financial Markets What are the two sectors of an economic system? Households which […]

5.12 Organising

What is Organizing In PLANNING, we saw how NOKIA finalized N 1200 with camera feature. Now let’s see how to implement the plan by clarifying jobs (to workers and departments) and working relationship and effectively deploying resources (workers, raw-materials, etc) for the attainment of organization goal. Organizing is implementation of plan by clarifying jobs and working […]
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