Exam Pack 11 English 2018

Stories Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Aram Mourad – two Garoghlanian boys Garoghlanian Family It was known for honesty for many centuries It was an Armenian family Today this family is impoverished However, the older members of the family retains its name and values. This story presents two Garoghlanians who have dared to challenge […]

Albert Einstein at School – Patrick Pringle

Albert Einstein at School describes Einstein’s struggles at Luitpold Gymnasium, his school in Munich. About his clash with teachers and students. About his stay as a paying guest and his noisy landlady. Einstein had no peace in the school nor in his lodging. About his securing a doctor’s certificate that suggested a change of school. Learn Albert […]


What is ASL? Your Partner The Procedure Introductory Round Speak on your selected topic – 90 seconds You are Questioned Partner’s turn Partner Questioned Problem Solving Round Topics Generation Gap Generation gap is the space between parents and children or an old generation and a new generation. When generations develop gaps between them, there arises disorder, chaos and even […]

Childhood – Markus Natten

Childhood by Markus Natten is an adult’s lamentation over his loss of his childish innocence. The poet feels disappointed because he thinks being a child was better than being an adult. A child’s life is peaceful and really sweet while an adult’s character is very complicated. Child Carefree Always cool, happy, less worried. Free to do […]
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