10.11 International Business

Notes In this chapter, we deal with two companies – Eat India Company owned by Pujit and Sidharth and American Bikenerwala owned by Williams. Eat India Company produces ice-creams of various sizes and flavors. The company exports its ice-creams to America. Characteristics Manufacturing and trade take place beyond the boundaries of one’s own country. People […]

7.11 Sources of Business Finance

Why is finance important for a business? (2 mark) Every stage of a business… fixed capital requirement…. land and building…. working capital requirement… purchasing raw-materials…. salary/wages for employees… What is known as ‘working capital?’ (1 mark) Purchasing raw-materials…. salary/wages for employees… Shares What are shares? (1 mark) The capital of a company is divided into small units called shares. What […]

Online MBA – If you Can Afford, they are the Best!

The Indian School of Business’s PGPpro is an EMBA equivalent programme, which by combining online learning with weekend classes in Delhi (NCR) and Hyderabad offers a better alternative to just an online programme. The Program offers working professionals and business owners, with 5-12 years’ experience, an opportunity to obtain a world-class management education without taking […]
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