1. How did the scouts make Bond Bhujjia?
    Bond bhujjia was made by adding a half cup of ghee, nettle leaves, a cup of sugar and salt and gooseberry jam.
  2. Why was Mr. Oliver angry with the scouts when he returned?
    Mr. Oliver was angry with the scouts as the scouts had abandoned tracking him using the trail that he had made for them. Subsequently, he had to wait for them for three hours and also got lost in the village.
  3. What had happened to Mr. Oliver while he was waiting for the scouts?
    Mr. Oliver was lost while he was waiting for the scouts and some villagers took him back to the camping spot.
  4. How did Mr. Oliver punish the scouts for their indiscipline?
    Mr. Oliver punished the boy scouts by taking all their badges as they were undisciplined.
  5. Why did Mr. Oliver say that they would breakfast early next morning?
    Mr. Oliver said that they would breakfast early morning as he must be hungry as he did not ate his dinner.
  6. “I could not tell a slip knot from a granny knot.” Explain.
    These lines mean that Ruskin Bond was not a skilled scout. A scout should know how to make knots such as slip-knot and granny-knot but he knew none of them.

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