IELTS & Speaking

Part 1 – About yourself, your family, your work and your interests. Part 2 – Speak about a topic. You will be given a task card which asks you to speak about a particular topic and includes points that you can cover in your talk. You will be given 1 minute to prepare your talk. […]

PTE Reading Quiz – Set 1

While the quiz loads, have a look at some of the latest tips that can make your reading easier. Read the complete text. Do not reach a conclusion. The first choice you make generally turns out to be incorrect. Start the Quiz Loading…

The Last Leaf – O Henry

In a little district west of Washington Square the streets have run crazy and broken themselves into small strips called “places.” These “places” make strange angles and curves. One street crosses itself a time or two. An artist once discovered a valuable possibility in this street. Suppose a collector with a bill for paints, paper […]

After Twenty Years – O Henry

How did the policeman on beat move? Why? The policeman on the beat moved up the avenue impressively. The impressiveness was habitual and not for show, for spectators were few. The time was barely 10 o’clock at night, but chilly gusts of wind with a taste of rain in them had well nigh de-peopled the […]

The Future – Rakesh Ramparia

What does the future hold for us? Smog filled skies and poison cars, And broken land with useless dust And nature’s beauty behind bars. Meaning Questions & Answers What is worrying the poet? The poet is greatly worried by the fact that the earth is dying and human life is going to cease shortly. Can […]
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