The poet believes that the past is full of happy moments so one should travel back to his past. These happy times are gentle. They shine but never burn. The poet then presents an experience that he had the previous night. This experience has had a wonderful impact on his life.

Stanza 1

Last night – it was a lovely night,
And I was very best –
Shall it not be for Memory
A happy spot to rest?

Last night was a lovely night. I felt blessed. I realized memory is a happy place to take a break – by going back in memory and recalling past events!


  • Blest – Blessed
  • Memory – Divine memory
  • Happy spot – Happy place
  • Rest – Take rest


  1. What is the happy spot for memory to rest?
    Past is the happy spot where memory takes rest.
  2. What do you understand by the ‘resting’ of happy memories?
    Happy memories are not dead. They are resting in the past days and past years, always waiting to return to the present.
  3. What made the poet feel blessed last night?
    The poet felt blessed to have experienced a walk in the moonlight with his friends.

Stanza 2

Yes; there are in the backward past
Soft hours to which we turn –
Hours which, at distance, mildly shine,
Shine on, but never burn.


  • Backward past – Turning to the past; moving backward
  • Soft hours – Happy times
  • We turn – We go back
  • Mildly – Gently
  • But never burn – Never extreme


  1. What is backward past?
    Backward past refers to our searching for the happy days and happy experiences by walking back into the old days.
  2. What does the poet mean by soft hours?
    Soft hours are those moments in our life that were too light and gentle when we felt our heart floating in the air, life most meaningful and happy, without any worries.
  3. What are the qualities of the happy hours?
    The happy hours are in the past. They can be reached only by walking back. we may not reach them because they keep a distance from us. Although they shine, they do not burn.

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    sir, how can i read the full extracts of A walk By Moonlight. Please guide me

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