Analysis 11

And (by) teaching them how to sleep, they sleep all day,
Destroy their sleeping at night the ancient way… 

Questions & Answers
  1. Who teach the poor people to sleep? How?
    The rich people through their alluring promises of peace of mind and prosperity in life teach the poor people sleep.
  2. Are the poor able to sleep? Why? Who are really able to sleep?
    The poor people are unable to sleep as promised by the rich as the promises were not meant to be. On the contrary the rich people are able to sleep peacefully with the satisfaction of making themselves richer by exploiting the poor.
  3. How do the influential rich destroy the sleep of the poor? How is this done in the ancient times?
    The influential rich people give the poor great promises and exploit them to make profit out of them. This destroys the sleep of the poor people. This method of the rich and mighty is as old as the human civilizations.

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