Analysis 08

And give us the life of the moving pictures’ promise
That the party in power is said to be keeping from us.

Questions & Answers
  1. What are moving pictures? What kind of life is promised by the ‘moving pictures?
    The movies the poor people have watched are full of promises for them. In those movies they saw people who journeyed from poverty to prosperity.
  2. What do ‘the parties in power’ ‘keep from the poor people?
    The governments and the corrupted politicians keep the share and the allotted rights of the poor people away from them and use that for their selfish motives.
  3. How are the rich politicians responsible for the misery of the poor people?
    The rich and corrupted politicians keep the money assigned by the government for the poor people in their own malicious hands and make selfish use of them, thus depriving the poor people of their rights, happiness and all that they deserve.
Analysis 09

It is in the news that all these pitiful kin
Are to be bought out and mercifully gathered in
To live in villages, next to the theater and the store,
Where they won’t have to think for themselves anymore…

Questions & Answers
  1. What is the good news for the poor people?
    The media keep on advertising that the governments are planning schemes for the welfare of the poor people.
  2. Do you think the ‘good news’ for the poor people’ ever come true? Why?
    No, the promises of the governments for the poor people are not seriously meant and therefore most of them remain just promises and are forgotten. This happens because these promises are the election baits and the bureaucratic trick to exhort money in the name of the poor people.
  3. Who are the pitiful kin? Why are they called so?
  4. What are the promises made by the politicians?

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