Analysis 07

Here, far from the city we make our roadside stand
And ask for some city money to feel in hand
To try it will (not) make our being expand… 

  • Feel in hand: The poor people do not want promises. They want the promises fulfilled. Feel money in hand is different from having money between the giver and the taker – Being: Life – Expand: Improve
Questions & Answers
  1. What do the people at the roadside stand expect from the rich? What for?
    The poor people at the roadside stand expect the generosity of the rich city people. They hope to alleviate their poverty by getting money from the city people.
  2. How is feeling in hand different from the false promises of the parties?
    Feeling in hand means possessing what the parties in power have promised, not owning mere promises. If one feels the promised money in hand, it means he has acquired it rather than being fooled by the parties that have given them the promises.
  3. What is city money? How is city money expected to help the poor people?
    Unlike the meager amount of money possessed by the poor villager, city money is considerably huge. The city money is expected by the poor villager not only to alleviate his wretched state of poverty, but also to give his a considerable financial rise in life.

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