Analysis 05

You have the money, but if you want to be mean
Why, keep your money (this angrily) and go along. 

Questions & Answers
  1. What do the poor people of the roadside stand feel when the citymen decline from buying anything?
    When the rich city men decline to buy articles from the roadside stand, the poor runners of the stand feel dejected and angry. They ask the city men to keep their money with them and leave the roadside stand without further bargain or comments.
  2. How do the rich people behave meanly in front of the roadside stand?
  3. Do you justify the poor people’s growing angry with the rich people’s attitude? Explain your stand.
Analysis 06

The hurt to the scenery wouldn’t be my complaint
So much as the trusting sorrow of what is unsaid: 

Questions & Answers
  1. Why is the poet’s complaint different from that of the rich city men?
    The rich city men have their hollow complaints that come out of their failure to understand the core level struggles of the poor. But the poet is concerned for the poor and therefore his complaints are relevant.
  2. What do you mean by the trusting sorrow of the poor people?
    The poor people are instinctively sensitive and expectant to the promises of the rich and the mighty. They believe their hollow promises and wait for their realization. But finally their hopes give way to the miserable realization that the promises made by the rich are not meant to be fulfilled.
  3. What do you understand when the poet says that the trusting sorrow of the poor people is ‘unsaid?’
    The poor people place their trust in the fake promises of the rich people and the ruling parties and consequently become sorrowful. The poet complains that this sorrow of the poor people has not been brought to the serious concern of the concerned authorities, media and the public.

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